Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I told you so... Driehaus is in!

Cincinnati, we finally have hope. One of the two people that I envision beating Chabot in the general election has decided to run...

The Battle of the Steves?

Rep. Steve Chabot won a seventh term in the U.S. House last fall by fending off a well-financed challenged from Democrat John Cranley, but the Westwood Republican may not be out of the woods yet.

Next year, if he decides to seek an eighth term, Chabot is likely to face a Democratic challenger whose family is well known in the GOP enclaves of Cincinnati's west side suburbs and who has made a career of winning elections in a Republican-leaning Ohio House district - State Rep. Steve Driehaus.

The Price Hill Democrat has already had discussions with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) about taking on Chabot in 2008; and will be in a perfect position to do it - his eight years in the Ohio House under Ohio's term limits law will be ending and Driehaus will have to move on.

Tuesday, he sounded like a candidate.

"By next year, Steve Chabot, with all due respect, will have been there 14 years and people are going to start looking at whether or not it is time for something new,'' Driehaus said.

Driehaus, the minority whip of the Ohio House, said that term limits forces him to "look at other options'' and running for Congress, he said, "ranks right up there at the top of the list."

Last year, Chabot won re-election by about 9,000 votes out of about 202,000 cast in the 1st District, which includes most of the western half of Hamilton County, a small area of Butler County, and most of the city of Cincinnati.

The district is considered to have a 50-50 split between Republican and Democrat voters, based in part on the nearly flat-footed tie between George W. Bush and John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chabot's Next Contender

What Democrat has the balls to challenge Congressman Steve Chabot in 2008? Let's get this discussion started early so that we can field the best candidate that can run the best campaign. The district is winnable with the right strategy.

Add your ideas for candidates and your thoughts by commenting.

What about:

John Cranley (probably not)
Mark Mallory (not yet)
Charlie Luken (probably not)
Greg Harris (don't think he can win)
Todd Portune (hmmmm)
Bootsy Collins (please no)
Charlie Sanders (not funny)
Paul Hackett (you never know)
David Pepper (not yet)
Ken Blackwell (as a independent, or as a Republican challenger in a primary... very unlikely)
James Tarbell (he's too close to retirement)
Laketa Cole
David Crowley
Steve Driehaus (interesting...)
Eric H. Kearney
Catherine L. Barrett
Tyrone Yates (a possibility)
Chad Johnson (Ocho Cinco in Zero Ocho)
Nick Lachey

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Congratulations Steve Chabot; 2 More Years of Boredom

Last OH-01 Update. goodnight.

Unless Cranley picks up a lot of votes - meaning around 60% - of the remaining precincts, and tons of provisional and absentee - Chabot will win. If Cranley does pull off a last minute surprise, this will be too close.

97% of me is saying Chabot pulled it off.

Although, Cranley is a come from behind kinda guy. Cross your fingers, but go ahead and get some sleep.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I think Chabot just won. 52-47.

John you had an amazing race. Congratulations. God bless.

Chabot 94477
Cranley 87208

3 precincts left.

69% counted, Chabot at 51%

Chabot 52,888
Cranley 51,385

69% reporting...

Hamilton Co:

Cranley 51
Chabot 49

Chabot Has Narrow Lead - 50% - 11:46pm





Total Votes: 126981
462 of 597 precincts reporting

Chabot takes back lead - 11:43pm



462 of 597 precincts reporting

Cranley EXTENDING lead! *** 51% *** 11:35pm

With over 1/3 of Hamilton County counted, Cranley has 55% of the county's votes, and 51% overall.

Butler Co.

Chabot - 6253
Cranley - 2939
100% counted

Hamilton Co.

Chabot - 22,651 (45%)
Cranley - 27,336 (55%)
34% counted


OH-01 Update: 12:57PM

Update from the Cincinnati Enquirer from earlier today:

Steve Chabot forgets how to vote, must leave polling location, drive his piece of crap Buick home, and get a utility bill, wait back in line, and then finally vote... How can we listen to someone that doesn't even know how to vote?! The ironic thing is that he didn't even realize the polling location worker was wrong! If you have a valid (not expired) Drivers license, YOU CAN VOTE, regardless of the address printed on it.

I have heard poll workers making this mistake numerous times today. So remember, if you bring your drivers license and they reject it because your old address is printed on it, ask to speak to their supervisor. If they still give you trouble, call 1888DemVote and, if possible, show them ORC Section 3505.18(A).

No ID, no vote
Chabot turned away at polls

WESTWOOD - Congressman Steve Chabot found out just how serious elections officials are about the new voter ID law when he showed up to vote at his polling place in Westwood.

Chabot went into the polling place at Westwood First Presbyterian Church about 9:30 a.m. and pulled out his Ohio driver’s license to show the poll workers. They looked at his license, and told the congressman that, even though they know perfectly well who he is, his driver’s license was issued to his business office, not his home, which is his voting address.

Somewhat sheepishly, Chabot went back out into the parking lot, jumped in his 1993 Buick - the one he talked about on his campaign commercials - and started heading back to his home a few blocks away to find a proper ID.

“I guess I’ll see if I can find a utility bill,” Chabot said. “That’s the law. You have to have proper ID.”

Chabot returned about 10 minutes later with a bank statement and a Social Security Administration statement in hand.

He went inside and voted quickly.

"My wife told me to bring two documents just to be sure," Chabot said. "I guess this just shows the poll workers are really doing their job."

OH-01 Update: 11:26AM

From the Cranley for Congress Campaign Manager at 11:12AM:

Friends, Just a quick update. Things look good out there. John is working hard fighting for every last vote.

We are lucky enough to have hundreds of volunteers . . . all working hard and having a great time. Turnout looks very good despite some early splashes of rain. So if you haven’t voted yet, we appreciate your support. And if you can lend a hand, we could always use more volunteers. Just call: 513-241-1777.

Thanks for everything. Now get out there and vote!

- Luke Blocher, Campaign Manager

OH-01 Update: 10:35AM

From the myDD blogger in OH-01 at 10:15PM last night:

Tonight in the Ohio First we had a final rally GOTV rally at HQ with candidate John Cranley and Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory.

I saw a shirt today for John Cranley that said "Faith in People" and I think it's a pretty appropriate slogan for a campaign that has opened its arms to someone like me.

Finally, a campaign note about tomorrow. An old campaign hand told us today that the adage, "It's All in God's Hands Now" is no longer true. Advances in targeting technology have made is so that resources like phone banks and canvassers can now be quickly redirected to underperforming precincts, which can make all of the difference in a close election. Tomorrow is game day and we need everyone to show up. Anyone at home reading a blog when they could be out making calls or knocking on doors...well if we lose, I'm placing the blame solely on you.

Do more than vote on Tuesday.

From the myDD blogger in OH-01 at 8:43AM:

Update [8:43am]: Things are looking pretty good here in OH-01, turnout looks good, and energy high. We haven't had any reports of egregious 2004-style voting problems (though we have an army of lawyers ready to jump in if need be). All that we need is for y'all to Get Out The Vote.

It's 5am and I'm about to leave to to staff the election. It has been a blast to blog this election from the road for you guys. Here's a favorite quote that's gotten me through a lot in politics. Lets bring this one home.

"So keep fightin' for freedom and justice, beloveds, but don't you forget to have fun doin' it. Lord, let your laughter ring forth. Be outrageous, ridicule the fraidy-cats, rejoice in all the oddities that freedom can produce. And when you get through kickin' ass and celebratin' the sheer joy of a good fight, be sure to tell those who come after how much fun it was."
-Molly Ivins

Game Day. See you on the other side.

From the Cranley campaign at 8:49AM:

Hey, everyone. I will be checking in throughout the day to share reports from the field... We have been expecting great turnout today and so far the reports are excellent...

Hearing everything is going smoothly at the polls... better than expectations... our teams of poll workers reporting lots of voters moving through easily...

John Cranley has greeted enthusiastic voters in College Hill, Mt. Airy, and Wyoming... Very high turnout reported in Avondale and College Hilll...

We have hundreds of excited volunteers today, and have been getting new ones showing up to help turnout the vote...

Today is looking great already.

Elliott Ruther
Cranley for Congress

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tomorrow in Cincinnati - OH-01 - Last Post Before Election Day

Tomorrow is a big day for Cincinnati. There is a good chance that Cincinnati will turn around tomorrow. We could have a Democratic County Commission, a Democratic Congressman, a Democratic Governor and Senator, and of course, a Democratic mayor and council.

If that happens tomorrow - Strickland, Brown, Pepper, and Cranley win - a new era will begin in Cincinnati. It won't be like it used to under Democratic rule; it will be different. The city will grow, both in people and business, and life will get better.

The Bengals will go to the playoffs, Ken Griffey Jr. will hit 50 home runs, the banks project will speed along, and Bearcats will advance to the sweet sixteen of the NCAA tournament. Don't believe me? Look at historical trends.

Regarding our Congressional seat, John Cranley is the only candidate that will bring noticeable change to the city. Heck, Steve Chabot is proud that he hasn't helped us out - and that's just ridiculous. But not only will Cranley fight for better housing, economic policies, reduced crime, safer streets, and a more beautiful downtown, he will finally be someone to represent the interests of our city to Congress.

Cranley is with us regarding the war in Iraq. He's with us on gas prices. He knows how we feel about middle class taxes, and piss-poor job growth. He knows that building a fence along the border will only encourage Mexicans to pack a rope on their trip to America, and he knows that so many educational and social welfare programs are mis-administered and greatly underfunded.

Labor unions back Cranley, community leaders back Cranley, John Glenn, Wes Clark, Bill Clinton, David Mann, Charlie Luken, Roxanne Qualls, David Pepper, Alicia Reece, Todd Portune, John Conyers, Richard Clark, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Tim Ryan, Sherrod Brown, Ted Strickland, and Bono, yes Bono, back Cranley.

Tomorrow on election day, go to the polls and back Cranley. Take off work, volunteer for the campaign, and back Cranley. Call your family and friends, co-workers and neighbors, drag them to the polls, because this is the only chance we have to back Cranley, and actually, to back our own city.

For the sake of the men and women of the first district that have died in a mis-guided war that Chabot has blindly and unconditionally supported, back Cincinnati tomorrow.

Vote Cranley, and you won't regret it.

*** NPR Predicts a Cranley Win! ***

Final Call: Dems Take House, GOP Keeps Senate


1st CD: Steve Chabot (R) vs. John Cranley (D) -- CRANLEY (Dem pickup)


New! MyDD on Cranley - Chabot Matchup

Why OH-01 Matters

by Adam Conner, Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 12:38:28 AM EST

Almost all of the races that I have visited on my "Midwest MapChangers" roadtrip (OH-01, OH-02, KY-02, KY-03, KY-04, IN-08, and IN-09) have had certain factors that have helped make them competitive this year. IN-09 and KY-04 are both rematches between incumbents and former incumbents, KY-03 is a heavily Democratic district, the Democrat in IN-08 jumped to an early lead, and the KY-02 and OH-02 are heavily Republican districts that are considered competitive mainly because of the Democratic wave (and because of the craziness of Schmidt).

But the OH-01 is different. This is a race that is as evenly matched as Democratic challenger can make them these days. Of course this means that the incumbent still retains many advantages, particularly financial, as Republicans desperately pour money into the district in a last-minute attempt to hold onto Steve Chabots seat as polls show Democrat John Cranley narrowly ahead.

The race in OH-01 is important because it falls between the seats we're almost guaranteed to win and the long-shot races that may be swept up in a wave. It's a closely matched, hard-fought, and an absolutely essential win for a future Democratic majority. It's the kind of race that we have to win, not just for control of Congress, but to regain our confidence that Democrats can face Republicans head-on and win. Which is one of the reasons I decided to stay here until Election Day.

There are other races like this, in places like NM-01 and KY-03, where incumbents who haven't committed egregious offenses, like e-molesting pages or choking their mistress, but none the less find themselves in the last throes of their incumbency. Without a record of accomplishment to run on all they have left is their horrendous negative campaigns, replete with as many dirty tricks as they can fit into the next 2 days.

As Election Day approaches and the polls naturally tighten as the undecideds decide, the center of this kind of battle is Ohio's First District. CQ has just switched the race to "Toss-Up" and now it all comes down to beating the Republicans on the ground.

And with less than 48 hours left till the polls close, the people around me now in the Cranley HQ aren't shying away from a fight. In fact they're relishing it. They've had enough. They're ready for a change.

So if you're in or near Cincinnati come by Cranley HQ at 3621 Harrison Ave or call 513-241-1777 to help out. Trust me, you're going to want to be a part of this. Because The Democratic Majority starts in the Ohio First.

Adam's "Midwest MapChangers" Roadtrip is brought to you by the AFL-CIO's Labor 2006 Program

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Holy Bootsy! GOTV with Cranley! Sign up today!

1. Tell your boss you need off on Tuesday, election day.

2. Call the Cranley campaign HQ at 513-241-1777 to discuss how you can help their get-out-the-vote effort.

3. On election day, get as many voters to the polls as you can. The more the better, regardless of who they are. High voter turnout will secure a Cranley win.

4. Watch for Chabot campaigners suppressing the vote. They are up to no good.

5. Watch this Bootsy Collins video

New York Times Profiles OH-01, calls it a toss-up

Ohio Roundup: Will Cincinnati Give GOP a Chilly Reception?

• Ohio’s 1st District: Voters in the 1st District, which takes in most of Cincinnati as well as areas to the west and north, have re-elected Republican Steve Chabot five times since he joined Congress in the historic GOP Class of 1994. But he faced a tough challenge in 2000 from Democrat John Cranley, who then was very young and inexperienced — but is back again this year to challenge Chabot with six years on the Cincinnati city council under his belt.

The greater seasoning that Cranley brings to the rematch, set against a national backdrop of voter fatigue with the Republican Party, has prompted CQPolitics.com to change its rating on the race to No Clear Favorite from Leans Republican.

The 1st District’s southern border is the Ohio River, not the Rio Grande, yet immigration is a top-tier issue here as it is this year in many districts scattered across the nation.

Chabot began the fight with an ad accusing Cranley casting a city council vote that amounted to supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants. Cranley responded by trying to turn the issue back on Chabot by arguing that Republicans haven’t solved the immigration issue and don’t have a plan to keep jobs in the state, where the heavily industrial-based economy has not kept up with the economic growth numbers exhibited by the nation as a whole.

Two late October polls showed Chabot trailing Cranley slightly and holding percentage support in the low- to mid-40s, below the 50 percent comfort level experts say incumbents need in order to be confident of victory.

Gene Beaupre, director of government relations and a political scientist at Xavier University in Cincinnati, says southern Ohio voters have a long history of supporting Chabot, who served on the Cincinnati city council from 1985 to 1990 — losing an initial 1988 bid for the House — and on the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners from 1990 until he entered Congress in 1995.

“It’ll be very hard for people not to vote for him, because they’ve been doing it for so long,” Beaupre said.

Still, the 1st is hardly a GOP stronghold, even in much better years for the party than this one. President Bush took 50 percent of the district’s vote and edged Democrat John Kerry by just 1 percentage point in 2004.

Black Congresswomen Stump for Cranley

From the Enquirer Blog:

Cranley stumps for black votes

1st Congressional District candidate John Cranley zeroed in on African-American voters Sunday morning, with help from two Aflrican-American congresswomen.

Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Cleveland and Rep. Gwen Moore, a Democrat from Milwaukee, showed up in Cincinnat Sunday morning to join Cranley as he shook hands with church-goers at Allen Temple AME Church in Bond Hill.

Later, Jones and Moore - who were both at a Sherrod Brown event in Cleveland Saturday with Sen. Barack Obama - traveled to Forest Park with Cranley for breakfast at Frisch's Big Boy and another round of hand-shaking at African-American churches.

Jones said that the key for candidates like Cranley and other Democratic congressional candidataes is turning out voters who came out in 2004 to vote for John Kerry but who often skip mid-term elections.

This year, the Democrats have the right message for those voters, Jones said.

"Two years ago, we were out talking about bread-and-butter issues and the voters were voting on something else, like national security,'' Jones said. "This looks like a bread-and-butter year to me."

Friday, November 03, 2006

Crowley, Conyers, Cranley, and the Buzz

Congressman Crowley paid Cranley a visit last week, along side Councilman Crowley. This week, distinguished Congressman John Conyers joined Cranley on the Buzz radio station, and even submitted a blog post about him on his website. Here is is:

I made the trip to Cincinnati today to help my friend John Cranley, who is running for Congress in Ohio’s 1st Congressional District. You remember we helped raise over $15,000 for John last week.

Well, I felt I had to make the trip to Cincinnati because Cranley’s opponent, Rep. Steve Chabot, had been telling everyone that he had my support because of his civil rights record.

You can imagine my surprise at learning this knowing that Chabot has long supported the modern day version of the poll tax, the photo ID voting requirement. This measure would impose unnecessary barriers to vote for the most vulnerable American citizens - African Americans, the elderly, the poor and the disabled.

I was also surprised that Steve Chabot would claim my support knowing that he had also worked to cripple the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights for years using his subcommittee to tie up the commission’s resources with false allegations of misconduct that had no merit.

And of course, Steve Chabot was one of those people who supported Ken Blackwell’s work in 2004 to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters

So, I took a flight from Detroit to Cincinnati and spent the day with Chabot’s opponent, a rising star in Democratic politics, John Cranley.

I joined John meeting with local ministers at the Southern Baptist Church. We discussed the issues that Cincinnati residents are facing and had a nice lunch. Reverend Pankie led us in prayer and it was good to see old friends again in the southern Ohio area.

Mr. Cranley and I also dropped by the radio show, the Buzz, where local DJ Jay Love interviewed John and I talking about the issues that face the African-American community in Cincinnati.

The Republican Chabot is the type of guy who would blame his opponent for the riots that occurred in 2001. No really. He’s been doing that. So Jay Love, Cranley and I had a good laugh over that and spoke to the Cincinnati audience about how important the upcoming election was and why they need to get to the polls.

I had a great time with John Cranley and hope to work with him in the 110th Congress. Right now it’s all down to turnout. Make sure you vote.

Politics1 Predicts a Cranley Victory

Politics1 predicts a Cranley victory in OH-01!

(Founded in 1997, Politics1 is published as a non-partisan public service to promote fully informed decision-making by the American electorate. Our traffic statistics show that Politics1 continues to be one of the most popular political sites on the net. According to the WebTrends traffic report (as of the period ending July 22, 2006), Politics1 is currently recording over 480,000 unique user sessions, 927,000 page views, and 13.5 million hits per month.)

Cincinnati Herald Endorses Cranley

I don't have the text of the endorsement yet. If anyone does, please post it as a comment or just email it to me. Thanks.

Enquirer - City Beat - Herald - all go for Cranley

Post - goes for Chabot

Reckoning OH-01

I heard about the Cranley GOTV program yesterday. They certainly have their shit together.

I have heard conservative skeptics say that although Dems lead national polls for U.s. House races, what the polls don't measure is party and candidate GOTV efforts. In other words, Democratic campaigns are only as good as their GOTV efforts.

In OH-01, I think Steve Chabot would have a real chance of receiving 50%+ if Cranley had a poor GOTV program. Chabot would probably get 48-49% and the race would be very close, perhaps, if Cranley had a standard GOTV program.

But since the Cranley campaign really has a creative and organized GOTV program together, I wouldn't be surprised if Cranley surpasses what the OH-01 polls are saying -- especially if they get tons of independents and non-voters actually out to the polls.

From what I have heard about the Chabot campaign, they have the usual amount of volunteers lined up, but a sub-par GOTV program in place. Go figure.

From my perspective, this race is over. It leans more toward Cranley every time Chabot keeps lying in public. Moreover, Cranley has outraised Chabot on two fundraising cycles so far, he received THE most important endorsement in the race - the Enquirer - AND EVERY OH-01 POLL HAS CRANLEY TIED OR AHEAD OF CHABOT.

Steve Chabot still has not released ANY poll on his race, including the poll the NRCC ran for Chabot's campaign that had him way behind.

The OH-01 race is over.

On November, 7th, Cincinnati will have a Democrat controlled City council, a Democratic Mayor, a Democrat-controlled County Commission, a Democratic Congressman, a Democratic Governor, and a new Democratic Senator.

Chabot Lies Again! And Cranley Knocks Him Out...

From the Cranley Campaign:

State of Denial: Chabot & The Jack Abramoff Orbit = $250K +
--Chabot denies any direct or indirect money from Abramoff Orbit--

Like Steve Chabot’s denial of giving billions in corporate welfare to oil companies despite all the proof that he did, Steve Chabot is telling people in Cincinnati the opposite of what he did in Washington on another subject – the Jack Abramoff culture of corruption.

Chabot went to Washington, running on the Republican Contract with America promising to clean-up congress: “to restore the bonds of trust between the people and their elected representatives” and “to end its cycle of scandal and disgrace.” However, the Republican-controlled congress took a very different path. Steve Chabot joined his party in voting to loosen ethics rules, allowing more trips to be paid for by private interests and by changing the rules to protect Tom DeLay.

(SOURCES: The Republican Contract with America; H. Res. 5, Vote #4, 1/07/03; “Let them eat pizza!”, CBS News, 1/08/03; “Republican Revolution Fades,” USA Today, 1/22/03; “Loosening the rules,” USA Today, 5/20/05; “GOP to reverse ethics rule blocking new DeLay probe,” The Washington Post, 4/26/05; HR 5 Vote #6 1/4/05; HR 213 Vote #106 4/14/05; HR 241 Vote #145 4/27/05; Conservative News Service, 3/25/99; “House Republicans Act to Protect DeLay,” The Washington Post, 11/18/04)

Yesterday, on a 1230 AM WDBZ talk show, Steve Chabot was asked if he ever took any direct or indirect money from Jack Abramoff. Chabot denied that he had, despite a mountain of proof and previously admitting that he did.


- Caller: How are you today? Congressman Chabot let me, let me premise [sic] this. My son works on your campaign, I believe that you're going to win this race, but I have some, a couple real pointed questions.
- Chabot: Sure.
- Caller: Have you ever received, directly or indirectly, any monies from Jack - Abramoff or Tom Noe?
- Chabot: No.
- Caller: No to either one of those?
- Chabot: No to either of them.

It is outrageous that Chabot would say this. It is well-documented that Chabot has taken money from Abramoff’s clients, Abramoff’s partners, and from clients of Abramoff’s partners. The Associated Press even singled-out Steve Chabot for being one of 33 lawmakers who took official action for Abramoff clients, then got money from Abramoff clients. (“Lawmakers who wrote letters, got money,” The Associated Press, 11/17/05) Chabot even publicly gave up a small portion of the money he took from Abramoff clients. (“Chabot to pass money to charity”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/07/06)

Steve Chabot needs to be honest with the people of the First District.


Money Steve Chabot took for his campaigns from the Abramoff Gang
(source: FEC reports; Lobbyist Registration Forms; House Travel Forms)

1. Jack Abramoff
(convicted of corruption of public officials)
“Lawmakers who wrote letters, got money”, AP wire, 11/17/05
Clients of Abramoff who contributed to Chabot

$1,000 Chippewa Saginaw Indians**

$1,000 Agua Caliente Band of Indians**

$1,000 Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians*

$1,000 Agua Caliente Band of Indians**

$1,000 Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians*

$500 Pitney-Bowes

$1,000 Preston Gates

$1,000 Preston Gates

$500 Preston Gates

$300 Preston Gates

$500 Preston Gates

$500 Microsoft

Total: $9,300

Cumulative: $9,300

* = Also listed on Rudy’s lobbyist report
** = Also listed on Volz lobbyist report

2. Michael Scanlon

(pled guilty to corruption charges)

“Impeachment managers website to aid vulnerable republicans”, Conservative News Service, 03/29/99

“Politics”, Washington Post, 05/09/99 (est’d that Delay’s ROMP PAC, administered by Scanlon, would raise $200,000 - $500,000 for former impeachment managers)

Total: $200,000 +

Cumulative: $209,300 +

3. Tony Rudy
(pled guilty to conspiracy)

“Impeachment managers website to aid vulnerable republicans”, Conservative News Service, 03/29/99

Clients of Rudy’s who contributed to Chabot

$1,000 Time Warner Pres. Reed*

$1,000 United Parcel Service*

$4,000 American Bankers Association*

$1,500 Microsoft*

$2,000 Microsoft*

$1,000 Nat’l Auto Dealers Assn.*

$4,000 Nat’l Auto Dealers Assn.*

$1,000 Nat’l Auto Dealers Assn.*

$3,000 Nat’l Auto Dealers Assn.*

$1,000 Nat’l Auto Dealers Assn.*

$5,000 Nat’l Auto Dealers Assn.

Total: $24,500
Cumulative: $233,800 +

* = Also listed on Buckham’s lobbyist report

4. Neil Volz (pled guilty to conspiracy)

Contributions to Chabot:

Neil Vol

Total: $500
Cumulative: $234,300 +

5. David Safavian (convicted of corruption)

Contributions to Chabot

David Safavian

David Safavian

Total: $500
Cumulative: $234,800 +

6. Ed Buckham (Dept of Justice investigating; named as un-indicted co-conspirator)

Clients contributions to Chabot













Total: $11,500

Cumulative: $246,300 +

7. Korea-US Exchange Council

The Korea-U.S. Exchange Council is registered as a foreign agent and Steve Chabot accepted a trip from them from 6/26/04-7/01/04. The Council was formed by the lobbyist firm Alexander Strategy Group, run by Rudy and Buckham.

[“S. Korean Group Sponsored DeLay Trip”, The Washington Post, 3/10/05]

That trip was worth $7,742.

GRAND TOTAL: $254,042 +

GET YOUR WALLETS AND PURSES OUT NOW! Cranley needs last minute help!


The Cranley campaign needs last minute help. In order to get the last wave of radio and tv ads, a some more direct mailers out, they need some contributions.

If you want to see the closest race in the country go Democrat, DONATE NOW! If you want to see a Democrat controlled Congress, seriously, now is the best chance we have!


[[ ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT !! ]]

Chabot and Oil, an interesting read

From a recent Cranley PR:


--Chabot denies his votes that stand to benefit his oil stocks--

(Cincinnati -- OH-1) Chabot's oil stocks Gulf Island Fabrication and Encore Acquisition have reported another quarter of profits. SEE article on Gulf Island here and Encore Acquisition here.

This news follows a recent analysis of Chabot's stocks by The Cincinnati Enquirer:

"Chabot's investments have done quite well. Not including some small dividends, GIFI is up 24 percent since Chabot bought it. EAC is up 34 percent, and MTRX (boosted by some private contracts to repair facilities damaged by Hurricane Katrina) is up 74 percent. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 19 percent over the same period." (From "Ad Watch: Oily Welfare," The Cincinnati Enquirer, 10/24/06)

Chabot, however, still refuses to admit that he has been voting to give oil companies billions in royalty relief and tax
breaks for oil companies. (Cranley-Chabot Waycross Debate 10/09/06)

Also, from the DCCC:

Cheney, Chabot Team Up for Oil Special Interests as Gas Prices Keep Rising

Oil Loving Duo Get Together for Special Interest Fundraiser as Ohio Families Pay More in Gas Than Ever Before. Fundraiser Will Cost Cincinnati Taxpayers Thousands

$1.07 Price per Gallon of Gas in U.S. When Chabot Took Office

$2.33 Price per Gallon of Gas in Ohio When Energy Bill was Signed

$2.70 Price per Gallon of Gas in Ohio Today

$2,000 Amount of Money From Cheney-Run Halliburton Accepted by Chabot

$76,350 Amount of Big Oil Money Accepted by Steve Chabot

$2.6 billion Amount in Giveaways to Big Oil Voted for by Steve Chabot

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, with gas prices on the rise, Vice President Dick Cheney is flying to Cincinnati for a campaign stop with Rubber Stamp Republican Steve Chabot. The high-dollar, special interest fundraiser that Cheney is holding for Chabot is just the latest one likely to net money from Cheney and Chabot’s friends in the oil industry. Cheney, the former oil executive who received widespread criticism for holding secret White House meetings with oil executives now making historic profits, has long been a proponent of big oil. Cheney has helped campaigns raise money and has pushed legislation in Congress designed to benefit big oil, but not the Americans paying record gas prices. Chabot, too, has been a supporter of big oil. He has taken more than $76,000 from the oil and gas industry over his career and just last year, voted in Congress to send at least $2.6 billion in taxpayer-funded giveaways to big oil. Chabot’s vote was for the Bush-Cheney special interest energy bill that does nothing to stop gas price gouging nor has it slowed the meteoric rise in the price at the pump.

“In Congress, Steve Chabot rubberstamps the Bush-Cheney agenda which sends sending billions to big oil. Meanwhile, back home in greater Cincinnati, families are pumping their wallets dry with record gas prices,” said Bill Burton, communications director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Greater Cincinnati families deserve a member of Congress who puts their interests ahead of the special interests and by bringing Dick Cheney in to campaign for him, Chabot confirms that a vote for him is a vote for the Bush-Cheney status quo. It’s time for a new direction in Washington because while Chabot and Cheney have been padding the pockets of big oil, Ohioans are paying more for gas than ever.”

Chabot Voted For Energy Bill That Sent Billions to Big Oil. In voting for the energy bill, Steve Chabot and Republicans in Congress supported a measure that did nothing to lower gas prices and gave short shrift to energy efficiency and renewable fuels all while sending $2.6 billion in giveaways to the oil and gas industry. [HR 6, Vote #132, 4/21/2005; Congressional Quarterly Weekly, 7/29/05]

Chabot Opposed Cracking Down on Price Gouging & Lowering Gas Prices. In 2005, Steve Chabot and Republicans in Congress voted three times against measures to provide the Federal Trade Commission with new authority to investigate and prosecute those that engage in predatory pricing, from oil companies on down to gas stations, with the emphasis on those who profit the most. This included price gouging of gasoline and natural gas, home heating oil and propane. [HR 3893, Vote #517, 10/7/2005; HR 3893, Vote #518, 10/7/2005; HR 3402, Vote #500, 9/28/2005]

Cheney Fundraisers are Expensive

It could cost upwards of $57,000 per hour to taxpayers. President Bush's plane, Air Force One costs $57,000 per hour. With Vice President Cheney soaring in to campaign for Steve Chabot, doesn’t Chabot have an obligation to repay taxpayers for this expense?

Question: Will Chabot Pay for Cheney’s Visit? Having the vice president come to town is a very expensive process. Between the cost of flying a plane like Air Force Two and landing it on a runway, the cost to local police and the cost to the city for traffic and other interruptions, a Cheney visit is a pricey affair. There is precedent for campaigns reimbursing their cities for the cost of these visits, as recently as a few months ago. Chabot’s colleague, Representative Chris Chocola, reimbursed two cities after a visit from President Bush. According to news reports, Chocola will send at least $12,000 to two cities as a result of costs incurred from extra security, and use of the airport. [Elkhart Truth, 3/4/06]

Chabot Whining - Enquirer Blog - Funny

Chabot upset over latest Cranley radio ad - UPDATED


Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory stumps for Democrat John Cranley in Cranley's latest radio ad, attacking Republican Rep. Steve Chabot for not joining him in signing a pledge to uphold the Voting Rights Act.

There's only one problem: Chabot held 12 hearings this year over the re-authorization of VRA, sheperded the bill through the House, and joined nationl civil rights leaders at the White House when the bill was signed into law earlier this year, so it can hardly be said that he doesn't support it.

His campaign is furious. Here's what they had to say in a news release e-mailed to reporters this morning: "John Cranley has broken his word and is again making false, misleading attacks about Congressman Chabot's work to renew the landmark Voting Rights Act. ... This is the second time that Cranley has lied about Congressman Chabot's support for the Voting Rights Act."

to read a Cincinnati Post story about the first mistake where Cranley's spokesman Elliott Ruther acknowledged that the campaign goofed: "We'll make sure it doesn't happen again,'' he said at the time.

Chabot spokeswoman Jessica Towhey: "John Cranley should take a pledge to stop lying about the Voting Rights Act."


Mallory: "… this is a choice between the failed policies of George Bush and Steve Chabot. For a new direction for Ohio and America, I'm supporting my friend John Cranley because I know he can provide the kind of change we so desperately need. John took a pledge to protect the Voting Rights Act and to stand up for our civil rights. John invited Steve Chabot to join him in signing that pledge and you know what? We're still waiting. In fact, Mr. Chabot has run campaign ads attacking our city and attempting to (unintelligible) and that is just wrong. John is a unifying voice and he will work to create new jobs. He'll vote to raise the minimum wage. And he'll work the end the war in Iraq. This election is too important not to vote. Please join me, Mayor Mark Mallory, in helping elect John Cranley to Congress."

Cranley: "I'm John Cranley and I'm running for Congress. I approve this message because a time for change is now."

UPDATE: Cranley's campaign spokesman Elliott Ruther responds via e-mail:

"This is ridiculous. Steve Chabot has spent millions of dollars on tv, radio, billboards, mailers, direct mail and flyers attacking John Cranley with lies on social security, illegal immigration, Section 8, taxes, spending, pension, crime, population loss and more.

"However, it is true that Steve Chabot has refused to sign the John Cranley Voting Rights Pledge. Like the ad says, the Cranley pledge is to protect the Voting Rights Act and to stand up for civil rights by making it easier for all Americans to vote AND to fight against voter suppression schemes like the one Steve Chabot voted for repeatedly in 2005 that blocks nonprofits from using their own funding for nonpartisan voter registration if they wish to receive federal funding.

"Despite outreach, Chabot has refused to reverse his position on gagging non-profits who get federal help from non-partisan voting activities and sign the Voting Rights pledge. "

UPDATE UPDATE: Cranley responds via phone call to The Enquirer:

"He's trying to make it seem like we are saying something that we're not. Our pledge is much broader than he is making it out to be," Cranley said, adding that Chabot's vote against allowing non-profits to engage in get-out-the-vote activities, in his opinion, supresses the vote.

"Chabot is part of this overall nationwide effort, in my opinion, that is taking a step backward in terms of encouraging people to vote. You can't be for voting rights and vote supression at the same time," he said.

"I still encourage him to sign the pledge," he added.



at 3:53 PM, November 02, 2006 Little Johnnyliesalot said...

Hmmmmm ... Cranley is lying again. There's a shocker. Imagine John Cranley lying. Hard to believe.

I wonder just how desperate he must be.

at 3:58 PM, November 02, 2006 Little Johnnydrinksalot said...

Cranley's pledge is an entirely different pledge altogether.

All together: "Cranley's pledge is an entirely different pledge."

You see, Cranley-ites, the with your misguided strategy is that the people know the difference between action and words. Holding hearings and shepherding legislation through a committee are actions. Pledges are just words. And giving Cranley's aversion to the truth, pretty cheap words at that.

Fortunately for the future of this country, the voters of the First District see through Cranley's lies.

Have another drink, Johnny. You're going to need it.

at 4:07 PM, November 02, 2006 Jon Carry said...

Cranley must be taking notes from the Kerry camp. Say something wrong but blame someone else and don't take ownership. Typical Demoncrat- no personal responsibility.

at 4:11 PM, November 02, 2006 Anonymous said...

Steve Chabot wasn't even responding to the ad.

There is a difference between the text of a pledge, and the text of a bill.

Hey Enquirer: Please define "sheperd" and please explain what actions Chabot took that constitute sheperding.

There have been ample amount of scientific studies that show the more often undecideds and people that usually don't vote actually vote, more than a majority of those votes go to Democrats.

THAT is why people like Chabot have been very careful while blocking legislation (like the new voting rights act) while at the same time publicly supporting it.

It's like the resolution vote for authorization for the war in Iraq. No Democrat wanted that resolution to come up for a vote, but once it was up, most Democrats were too afraid NOT to vote for it.

Steve Chabot is cleverly trying to dupe us. In fact, he's been doing it for 12 years. Duping time is over.

Vote for John Cranley.

at 7:57 PM, November 02, 2006 Anonymous said...

"However, it is true that Steve Chabot has refused to sign the John Cranley Voting Rights Pledge."
That's a good one, Johnny!

at 8:47 PM, November 02, 2006 Anonymous said...

John Cranley wrote the pledge on a bar napkin soaked in beer. Needs to lay off the sauce.

at 12:00 AM, November 03, 2006 Anonymous said...

from: http://www.johncranley.com/newsroom_details.asp?id=844


Cincinnati, Ohio (OH-1) -- At taxpayer expense Steve Chabot held a short “townhall” meeting at the Urban League on the Voting Rights Act that limited citizen participation to a mere forty minutes, leaving about a dozen citizens with unanswered questions.

Citizens were very concerned about Chabot overseeing the strengthening of the Voting Rights Act when just last October of 2005 Chabot defied the National Urban League, NAACP, The National Voting Rights Institute, U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops and hundreds of organizations by voting to take away voting rights and gag nonprofits when he voted for House Amendment 596 to H.R. 1461.

Chabot defended his votes to prohibit nonprofit grantees from using their own funds to encourage citizens to exercise their rights to vote, by saying that “all money is fungible” even though federal law already restricts housing grants to only be spent on housing purposes.

Chabot’s Anti-Voter Rights & Nonprofit Gag Provision

Chabot voted to disqualify nonprofits from an affordable housing fund if they, or an affiliated organization, have engaged in any one of the following in the preceding 12 months or while applying for the funds:

-- All nonpartisan voter activities
-- Voter registration
-- Voter identification
-- Get-out-the vote
-- Public education & grassroots issue advocacy

“Under this bill, if you are a religious organization, and you maintain an elderly housing project, which are built with these funds, you cannot get a bus to take people to vote.” -- Rep. Barney Frank (D) who tried to take-out the anti-voter rights provisions, but was defeated by Chabot

-- Chabot is a member of the group, the Republican Study Committee, who crafted the anti-voter rights and nonprofit gag provision

-- Chabot voted for amendment that put the anti-voter rights and nonprofit gag provision into bill [H.AMDT.596, Y-210, N-205, 10/26/05]

-- Chabot voted against motion to strip anti-voter rights and nonprofit gag portions from the bill [Motion to recommit with instructions, Y-200, N-220, 10/26/05]

-- Chabot voted for final bill with anti-voter provisions [H.R. 1461 – Federal Housing Reform Act of 2005, Y-330, N-90, 10/26/05]

Bill Status
Chabot’s plan passed in the House & is now being considered in the Senate.

Links to more on the anti-voter measure:
OMB Watch - Group has comprehensive listings of testimony before congress, letters signed by hundreds of organizations opposing the measure and education on the effects of the gag.

at 12:02 AM, November 03, 2006 Anonymous said...


July 7, 2006


(Cincinnati--OH-1) Today, Congressional Candidate John Cranley signed a pledge to the people of the First Congressional District of Ohio that he would fight for voting rights. Mr. Cranley will fight against new anti-voter schemes in Congress designed to suppress the vote AND will work to strengthen the Voting Rights Act.

Mr. Cranley was joined by Civil Rights Legend Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, Congressman Artur Davis, who represents Birmingham and Selma (AL-7), and Former Vice Mayor Alicia Reece to support Mr. Cranley's candidacy and voting rights pledge.

Mr. Cranley's opponent, Steve Chabot, has cast votes designed to suppress voter efforts. Specifically, Steve Chabot has cast votes to stop non-profits from using their own funds for non-partisan voter registration activities if they wish to receive federal funding.

In October of 2005, The Republican Study Committee, of which Chabot is a member, crafted an anti-voter rights and non-profit gag provision that disqualifies non-profits from federal funding if they, or an affiliated organization, have engaged in non-partisan voter activities, voter registration, voter education, voter identification and/or public education and grassroots activity in the preceding 12 months or while applying for funds – with their own money.

Despite calls from hundreds of organizations, including the NAACP, the National Urban League, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to oppose this voter suppression provision, Chabot repeatedly voted for it. The bill is now in the Senate. [H AMDT 596, 10/26/05; Motion to recommit with instructions to strip out the anti-voter rights and non-profit gag provision, 10/26/05; HR 1461, 10/26/05 more at: http://www.ombwatch.org/gseresourcecenter]

Once elected to Congress, Mr. Cranley will make sure to fight against new voter suppression schemes, like the non-profit gag, and will work to strengthen voting rights.

Mr. Cranley's pledge:


Whereas, the right to vote is a hallmark of American freedom; and

Whereas, the right to vote has not always been readily available to all Americans; and

Whereas, recent elections and actions by Congress have revealed that there are still forces within our country who will go to considerable lengths to make it more difficult for some Americans to exercise the right to vote; and

Whereas, every branch of government, and especially the United States Congress, should take whatever steps necessary to ensure that no American will ever be unfairly denied the right to cast a vote, and whereas Congress should take steps to prevent anyone from being discouraged from voting;

Therefore, I hereby proclaim that as an elected official, I will continue to work to uphold the precious right to vote and remove any and all barriers intended to discourage Americans from exercising that right; and

Further proclaim that, upon election to the United States House of Representatives, I will always vote to uphold the Voting Rights Act and support efforts to make it easier for Americans to take full advantage of the right to vote.

Proclaimed today, on the Seventh Day of July, 2006 by:

John Cranley, Candidate for the United States House of Representatives from Ohio’s First District.

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