Sunday, April 16, 2006

Chabot and His Term Limit Pledge

In 1994, Rep. Steve Chabot signed the Contract with America in which he pledged to limit himself to 5 terms in the House. That means his 2002 re-election should have been his last. But in 2004, he ran again, breaking his 10-year-old promise to the people of Cincinnati. Now it is 2006, and Chabot is breaking his 12-year-old promise to the people of Cincinnati by running for re-election.

My question, then, is why agree to honor a pledge when you know you are going to break it? Does Chabot use this mentality toward other pledges, promises, or agreements too?

Contract With America:


At 6:35 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to be the only person to point this out, but the text of the "Contract with America" says only that the new Republican majority would bring to the floor legislation to limit the terms of committee chairs, not the terms of congress itself.

Since whoever posted has already hyperlinked us to the text of the "Contract with America," I thought I would repost the part of the document you're referring to below.

* FOURTH, limit the terms of all committee chairs;

Next time, try knowing what you're talking about.


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