Friday, April 28, 2006

Chabot + McCain = $75K and Irony

Chabot, the super conservative, and McCain, the very moderate Republican have something in common. They both want to look a little more like the other, in a pathetic, awkward way.

McCain is planning on running for the Republican nomination for President in '08, so he needs conservative support this time. Who more conservative to befriend than Chabot?

For Chabot, he is facing a more moderate district than he is used to (evidence in the '04 Kerry turnout) and a more moderate opponent than he is used to (people consider Harris more liberal than Cranley). So what can he do to appear in line with his constiuents' political ideology? Bring in a famous moderate, Senator John McCain for an April fundraiser, which gained $75,000.

Ironically, the plan recently sort of backfired....

"The AP (4/11, Sewell) reports, "Republican Sen. John McCain campaigned on Tuesday for a conservative congressman who publicly disagreed with the potential 2008 presidential candidate on how to deal with illegal immigration." OH1 Rep. Steve Chabot (R) "made it clear that while he welcomed McCain's appearance at a breakfast fundraiser, the two are on opposite sides on how to deal with the nation's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants." Chabot: "This happens to be an area where the senator and I don't agree." - Copyright 2006 Bulletin News Network, Inc.

...An "area"?! McCain and Chabot are on different wavelengths all togther. It is too bad there are hardly any Hispanics in Cincinnati to notice this hilarity.


At 11:01 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Harris is more "liberal" than Cranley, which is why I didn't vote for him. But can you explain the issues on which they differ? We know Harris was pro-abortion, but what else?

At 12:44 PM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

Based on what I know of Cranley as a member of City Council, he is a moderate with a strong conservative record and progressive record. Chabot is a far right winger, some have even classified him in the neo-con group.

The 1st District went 51 Bush/49 Kerry. That's about as close as it gets. Therefore Cranley just fits the district better than Chabot and Harris. Cincinnati is moderate; Chabot and Harris aren't.

With Cranley you get balanced budgets (fiscal conservative), reduced property taxes and more cops on the street. You also get an advocate for living wages, equal rights, and bringing people of all races and economic backgrounds together.

I think there are a lot of moderate Democrats that match Cranley's conservative/progressive ideology. Just look at the DLC membership.

Ultimately, however, we are going to have to wait until his platform is finally revealed on his campaign website. There are many national issues of which we need to know where he stands.

At 9:41 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are these "some" that you refer to who have "apparently" classified him as a neo-con? Just because Steve has deep respect for Reagan doesn't mean that he's a neo-reaganite (a.k.a. neo-con) in his foreign policy beliefs.

Second, you make it sound like Steve is opposed to some of things on the list you make for Cranley. Steve supported balanced budgets back in 1994 when Cranley was contemplating even going to law school.

Furthermore, Congress doesn't really work on "getting more cops on the streets." They work on national issues, something I think you need reminded. Steve is a huge advocate for equal rights. Who isn't?

The fact that Cranley hasn't yet revealed his platform speaks volumes of the kind of candidate he will be. Then again, maybe the best thing he can say is nothing, and just appear a fool- instead of opening his mouth and removing all doubt.


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