Sunday, April 16, 2006

Wes Clark and Cranley fundraiser

*|* The Enquirer
Campaigns draw names to Cincinnati
Kemp, Clark back candidates

Two local congressional candidates - one Democrat and one Republican - brought nationally known heavyweights to Cincinnati on Tuesday.

Bob McEwen, the former Republican congressman who is challenging Rep. Jean Schmidt in the 2nd District Republican primary, hosted a $250-a-plate fundraiser Tuesday morning at the Queen City Club that featured an appearance by one of his former House colleagues, Jack Kemp, who was the Republican Party's candidate for vice president in 1996.

Later in the day, Democrat John Cranley, who is challenging Republican incumbent Steve Chabot in the 1st District, had retired four-star Gen. Wesley Clark at a fundraising event in a private residence in Hyde Park.

About 100 McEwen supporters braved the early morning snow to eat scrambled eggs, meet former Cincinnati Bengal Anthony Munoz and hear a speech by Kemp, who said the Republican-controlled Congress lacks members "who can articulate our ideas."

"Bob, you have to win," Kemp said. "I believe with all my heart that you are the right man for the job."

Clark, who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination two years ago, met with Democratic activists at the University of Cincinnati in the afternoon and then appeared at an Ohio Democratic Party fundraiser at the Westin Hotel before going on to the Cranley event, which had no set admission price.

Clark, the former NATO commander, said he had not met Cranley before Tuesday, but said he is campaigning for Democrats around the country.

"I think America will be a lot better off if the Democrats are in control of at least one house in Congress," Clark said. "One-party rule just does not work."


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