Thursday, May 04, 2006

165 years...and now this

Quality Enquirer Reporting…

The Cincinnati Enquirer has been a premier Midwest newspaper for 165 years. However, today the Enquirer has made one of its most ridiculous attempts at “reporting” yet.

Today, Kimball Perry of the Enquirer posted a story on John Cranley, the Democratic nominee against Rep. Steve Chabot. Was the story about Cranley’s primary victory just days before? Was the story about the energy crisis, of which Cranley has been featured on national media for during the past couple weeks? Was the story about a substantive issue at all?


Instead, the first story on the blog after election day about Cranley is centered on whether or not his hand was motioning for someone to move, or motioning as a wave. According to the Enquirer, the hand was first thought to be wiggling to indicate that someone should move out of the sight of a camera. Later they are reporting that the hand wiggle was probably a “wave” to a local reporter.

Regardless, the Enquirer consciously decided to run a story about a hand gesture, without asking the hand gesturer what method he was motioning his hand.

First it was a "grandma in Iraq" that caused an embarassment to the paper, now it's the direction of a hand gesture.

At the least, the staff at the Enquirer should offer an apology to the Councilman and readers.


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