Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Chabot and Dirty Donations

Ohio Republicans keep getting deeper and deeper into ethics problems. Today, Rep. Ney and Rep. Chabot probably aren't feeling too good.

The Enquirer blog is reporting:

"Another guilty plea in the widening Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal came down yesterday. This time, it was Ohio Rep. Bob Ney's former aide Neil Volz, who hails from Greater Cincinnati. Volz pleaded guilty to conspiracy and other charges."

Importantly, it is noted that the corrupt Volz gave money to Rep. Chabot. Here's the list of people he donated to in Ohio:

Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) $300
Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH) $500
Rep. Steve LaTourrette (R-OH) $1,000
Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) $4,225
Rep. Mike Oxley (R-OH) $1,000
Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-OH) $250
Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-OH) $1,000

If you remember, recently is was reported that Chabot received dirty money from Abramoff. Once revealed, he quickly donated it to a local charity. Now it is revealed that he has received even more, I wonder what charity he will unload the $500 to?

Is this going to be a regular thing?


At 10:14 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this isn't a pro-cranley blog, intended to support his campaign, why don't you provide more information on who is running it? How about your name, address, voter affiliation? Almost everything you've posted comes directly from Cranley or his website. You're being as fake as John Cranley.

At 12:34 AM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

This blog is about the 1st District race. Daily, I browse through Lexus Nexus, many online newspapers, other news search engines, Cranley's website (which is updated often with links to articles about the race), Chabot’s Congress webpage, most Ohio related blogs, and a few national ones.

If Chabot's campaign webpage actually consistently posts new articles and press releases, more news about Chabot will make it on to this blog. In fact, I'm in the process of gathering more information about the recent GOP blog posting about Cranley and his donations related to the gambling project….

My name is Alex Winter. I was born in Cincinnati and currently reside in Southern Ohio and Cincinnati. If you need my social security number, drivers license number, and the sort, you're pressing your luck.

I am a moderate and tend to support moderate candidates. Chabot, who is by no degree a moderate, has not impressed me the last few years. I am not impressed with his career of job hopping, pandering to special interests, or being involved in numerous recent ethics issues.

Chabot certainly is an honorable man that has proved himself a decent politician that does not buy into party politics 100% of the time. But at the same time, his personal political ideology is way out of wack with his constituency. Look at what national organizations "rate" him, look at what local leaders view of him lately. Even consider his dubious pledges to only serve 6 terms max, when in fact he has already decided to dishonor that pledge.

I am really glad there is a competitive Democrat that will actually force the 1st District candidates to debate important, substantive issues that matter to Cincinnatians, and hopefully not whether gay people are evil or if we shouldn’t have executed a certain foreign policy in 2003. While I am certain ethics will be a part of the campaign, I hope it does not consume it as it is in the 18th District.

I was impressed with Chabot in 1994 but I am not anymore. Every day he is tied closer and closer to the Delay/Ney/Abramoff circle. That really bothers me. The fundamental promise Members of Congress make to represent their constituents over special interests is important. The Enquirer has this about Chabot recently:


As I mentioned before, it's a little hard to criticize Cranley's national platform before he has issued one to the public. Stay tuned and sorry for the long reply.

At 6:44 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is anon 7:14 mad that chabot's record is finally getting exposure?

how about your name anon? how about disclosing that you are a chabot stooge?

chabot's record is real. it is bad. and he is bad for his district and this country. he does do a good job stooging for Bush, DeLay or whoever will save his back this election.

At 10:53 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless you're fronting for Cranley, why not post information from Chabot's official website? www.house.gov/chabot

That is full of information about issues Chabot is working on. I think most would support his leadership on the line item veto and bipartisan energy initiatives.

You say that you do searches for articles, but a quick google or lexis search shows numerous positive Chabot articles that you have ignored.

The Washington Post recently called Chabot "brave" for standing up to Republican leadership and demanding stronger lobby reform. Where is this article?


Or the Cincinnati Post article that also praises Chabot's pro-reform efforts.


These articles are not hard to find. Also, I know the Cincinnati Post and others have talked about Cranley's ties to convicted insider trader George Soros and the $30,000 or more his family has given Cranley.

All you’re doing is parroting many of Cranley's false accusations. If you're not on the Cranley payroll, you're deep in his corner. You'll have to work much harder to give even an appearance of fairness.

At 11:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In your links section, how about adding a link to Chabot's congressional website since it has more updated information?

At 11:04 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what about posting some of these Cranley classics...this one is from CityBeat:

That promise is apparently not binding on Councilman John Cranley, who gave Luken the finger at last week's council meeting. But Cranley being Cranley, he told The Cincinnati Enquirer he couldn't remember if he had extended a particular finger. That's the kind of man Cranley is: He'll give you the finger in public and then, when he's called on it, try to deny doing so.


What a class act.

At 11:16 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You say you are not pro-Cranley. Are these your comments from other blogs? This must be the same Alex Winter, right? They make you sound like Cranley's campaign manager!

From Carpetbagger Report:

"I saw that poll on Cranley vs. Chabot down in Ohio's 1st. Very surprising that Cranley has closed in on Chabot so early. I can't imagine what will happen once Cranley's fundraising base further swells and he is able to communicate his campaign's message throughout Cincinnati.
It looks like the most Conservative Republican in the House is unknowingly about to honor his term limit promise back under Gingrich's term as Speaker! (It's about time).
Cranley has more at www.johncranley.com "

Comment by Alex Winter — 4/5/2006 @ 7:23 pm

From Washington Post blog

"The Cranley v Chabot has treally been heating up. Cranley has fundraised a lot and has been on national TV for some time now. Check this one out on MSNBC"

Posted by: Alex Winter | April 26, 2006 11:17 AM

At 8:40 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice blog, Alex.

At 7:45 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 7:53 = Chabot payroll and blowhard

At 8:49 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brave?????? That's hilarious.

Chabot put his finger in the air and followed the wind. This is the same gut that voted to gut ethics rules to protect indicted Tom DeLay -- a man who has raised Chabot hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At 7:19 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Chabot have any dirty donation ties to the Duke Cunningham/ defense contractor scandal? Seems like he has ties to all the rest of congressional scandals.

At 12:18 AM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

I don't know. Senator Mike DeWine does though. In fact, on 5/27 of last year he donated him $2,100.

It's a good question though.


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