Monday, May 08, 2006

Chabot Energy Press Release

"Chabot Part of Bi-partisan Coalition Working to Increase Domestic Energy Independence"

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Steve Chabot (R-Cincinnati) is part of a bi-partisan coalition of House members pushing legislation to move the nation further towards energy independence. Chabot supports the Fuel Choices for American Security Act (H.R. 4409), which sets aggressive, achievable goals for oil savings, speeds entry of 21st Century vehicles to the public, and embraces new, clean fuel choices and brings them to the market faster. Chabot is an original co-sponsor of the legislation, which was introduced in November 2005.

"I continue to believe we need to work in a bi-partisan fashion to address our nation's energy needs. This legislation, coupled with many of the provisions in last years energy bill, is an important step towards achieving energy independence," said Chabot. "We also need to take steps to provide consumers immediate relief at the pump through tax credits to offset the high costs currently burdening American families."

In 1995, President Clinton vetoed legislation containing provisions to open a small portion of ANWR to environmentally friendly drilling - estimates indicate domestic production could have increased by 20% and imports could have been reduced by almost 1 million barrels per day. Additional efforts to pass a more comprehensive energy policy had been stymied until last year.

Chabot noted that continued high gas prices show the impact the lack of a long-term energy policy has had on our nation. He also mentioned that while last years energy bill is not a perfect solution, if it had passed sooner we would likely be in a much better position than we find ourselves in today. Chabot said he also supports efforts to investigate price gauging by oil companies and has in the past supported legislation to make price gauging a federal crime.

This article is about legislation that the Democrats are touting for a short term solution. I thought both parties could have done better.


At 8:29 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That isn't part of the $100 dollar plan. The $100 plan was proposed by Frist in the Senate (Chabot is in the House btw). Boehner killed the $100 idea a week and a half ago, not sure where you were. I guess it is convienent to leave out the facts when Cranley is paying you.

At 8:46 PM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

Thanks for your comments. I've updated the post. By the way, no campaign is paying me or is affiliated with this, but thanks for expressing your...assumptions.

At 9:33 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an election year and Chabot is making up stuff left, right and in the middle to save his hide. The fact is, Chabot has been in bed with the oil companies his long 12 years in congress. And now he's trying to hide his many salutes to President Oil Man.

At 1:38 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I looked this bill up and it was introduced by a a group of Dems and Repubs, including Chabot, in 2005. He was pushing this before Cranley got in the race so its not just an election year thing.


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