Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Chabot Targeted Over SS

The Enquirer blog is reporing that "Democrats" are targeting three Cincinnati area Congressional races, including OH-01, regarding Social Security. This means that there are some radio ads out blasting Chabot, during the same time when President Bush is visiting N. Kentucky.

Not sure if this is paid for by the DCCC or not. I haven't heard the ad yet, but here is the script:

Announcer 1: Retirement has become an uncertain time for many of us.

Announcer 2: Social Security is the one thing we know we can count on.

Announcer 1: President Bush's privatization plan could reduce Social Security benefits for nearly every American. Now, President Bush wants to borrow $2 trillion dollars - driving up our debt even further to privatize Social Security. Congressman Steve Chabot has supported President Bush's privatization plan.

Announcer 2: And the Republican majority is ready to rubberstamp President Bush's privatization plan.

Announcer 1: So this week when the President visits our area, let them know just how we feel.

Announcer 2: Call Congressman Chabot at 202-225-2516 and tell him we want Social Security protected, not privatized.

Announcer 1: Because it's time for Congressman Chabot to stand up for us, and stop rubberstamping President Bush's Social Security privatization.


At 7:10 PM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

By the way, here's a link to an Enquirer story on a bill Chabot is sponsoring soon regarding families of vets that fall through a crack in the system:

Sounds good to me so far.

At 9:47 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is this in the comment section? Will you post a story on the front of the blog?

At 11:38 PM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

Yes, the ads are run by the DCCC. They will be on the air for a week. Here's a NYT article on it:


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