Thursday, May 18, 2006

Chabot's (In)effectiveness

An organization called Knowlegis, which is a "government relations knowledge management company, providing individuals and groups who interact with elected officials information and services to enhance their effectiveness at influencing the policy process" has rated the effectiveness of each member of Congress.

Not surprisingly, Jean Schmidt is just about as dead last as she can get (433 of 435).

Steve Chabot is pretty ineffective too, coming in at 186 out of 435.
He is the 152nd weakest among 232 Republican House Reps too. In fact, among all Ohio Republican Reps, the only person weaker than him is Mean Jean.

So who is effective in the House? Here's the top 10.

Rep. Hastert 1
Rep. DeLay 2
Rep. Lewis 3
Rep. Young 4
Rep. Sensenbrenner 5
Rep. Barton 6
Rep. Thomas 7
Rep. Pelosi 8
Rep. Obey 9
Rep. Regula 10


At 6:21 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

chabot is a whipping boy -- no respect in washington, forced to run errands for leadership, but gets no results for his district.


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