Sunday, May 07, 2006

Chabot's Intregity

In 1994, Chabot was first elected to Congress during the Republican revolution. One campaign issue that was key to victory was his pledge to serve 6 terms max in Congress. He even co-sponsored bills to limit terms in the House to six, including one to amend the Constitution to enforce the limit.

That was in 1994 and 1995. It is now 2006, which is 12 and 13 years later. Chabot is on his SIXTH term now, and if he wins in ’06, he will be on his SEVENTH term in Congress!

What is going on? Why would Chabot officially pledge to voters that, if elected to Congress, he would only serve 6 terms max, and then actually run for his 7th term? Why would he go on to co-sponsor legislation saying the same thing, only to renege on his promise?

Regardless of how you personally feel about term limits, I think Chabot’s hypocrisy about this important issue is something not to forget. Does it not call into question his integrity?

Imagine if John Cranley was elected to Congress amid a pledge that “I will not take any raise as your congressman until our nation’s books are balanced”. Then imagine if, after elected, he co-sponsors 3 bills saying the same thing, and co-sponsors a bill that would amend the U.S. Constitution saying the same thing.

Then imagine that he reneged and began to accept pay raise, after raise, after raise. Is this something you would let slide by? Is this something that would infuriate his constituents? Is this something that would get him voted out of office?

The bottom line is that Chabot was elected to office on a promise that Cincinnatians took his word on. He has broken that promise and disrespected each and every one of you reading this.

Is this not an integrity issue?


At 9:14 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog isn't "examining" the race between Cranley and Chabot, it's promoting Cranley over Chabot. Typical liberal doublespeak.

At 10:47 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The blog is examining the race and pointing out weaknesses and strengths of candidates. As a result, Chabot is receiving a significant amount of criticism. Perhaps Cranley will receive more once his platform is finally revealed.


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