Tuesday, May 02, 2006

¡ El Primary es hoy !

The 2006 Primary Election is today.

OH-01 is not contested in either party primary. In OH-02, Buckeye State Blog has predicted that Jacobs will win by 5%. Studebaker has control in OH-03. The 6th District will be big race, where Charlie Wilson is running a write-in campaign (4 darn signatures!@#$) to secure the nomination, which is backed by the DCCC. Shamansky may pull it off in the 12th, while Tom Sawywer and Capri Cafara and locked in a dead heat in the 13th. Lastly, the only other close race is in the 18th, where Zack Space and Joe Sulzer are battling to see who will later trounce Bob Ney. I say Sulzer by 6%, but I have a feeling Space will pull an upset. According to his poll, the race is within the margin of error.


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