Wednesday, May 24, 2006

OH-01 on front of NYT

On Thursday, this ran on the front page of the New York Times:

From the chair of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee:
"If you think I'm sitting here on defense — never going to happen," Mr. Reynolds said in an interview. "We are on offense on both open seats and challenged seats, while we do everything we can to protect our incumbents. I am ready for a race."

However, then he had some pessimistic words for Chabot and others:

Concern was evident last week at a notably downbeat press briefing, where he spoke about the vigor of Democratic challenges in three Republicans districts once considered unassailable — in Illinois, Ohio and in his own district in upstate New York..... "Chabot in Cincinnati will have a little more of a challenge than he usually has,' he said, referring to Steve Chabot, an Ohio Republican who is a top target of Democrats."

Click here to read the full text of the NYT article.

It seems that there is a consensus around the country that Democrats consider OH-01 one of the top races in the country where a Democrat has a great chance to unseat an incumbent. On the Republican side, they seem to recognize that OH-01 is NOT a safe district for Chabot anymore.

I am impressed with the publicity the DCCC, media, and liberal blogs have given to Cranley's race. Cranley is often on national television and newspapers.

I am not impressed with the Republican/conservative publicity of Chabot. The HCRP and NRCC have paid attention to it on their websites, but have not brought up substantive issues yet. In fact, they are usually vague or misleading. The NRCC website has a PR on Chabot's view of SS, despite the fact that the Alliance for Retired Americans give him a 6% lifetime voting record for senior issues!

However, Chabot is in the media often, but usually only for legislative issues. And of course, his campaign website hasn't been updated in years (literally). I am sure that once we get closer to the election, Chabot and his party will put up a very strong fight for Chabot (assuming the RNCC becomes optimistic).


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I read something in the Washington Post the other day did you get that?


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