Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Strickland Effect

Rushing to take Rep. Ted Strickland's OH-06 seat is State Senator Charlie Wilson. Many considered him a somewhat likely shoe-in. Let's see how he did in Tuesday's primary:

(Remember that Wilson was not on the ballot. All votes cast for Wilson are write-ins.)

Wilson 44,757 votes, or 67%!
Carr 14,683
Luchansky 7,383

Wilson won in 12 of 12 counties, with usually well over twice as many votes as his closest competitor.

Most shocking, is that Wilson received more write-in votes THAN ALL REPUBLICAN PRIMARY CANDIDATES COMBINED (37,596).

Republican candidates in the 06 primary election, total votes:

Blasdel, Chuck 18,356
Harmon, Danny 8,602
Ginter, Tim 7,547
Stobbs, Richard D. 3,091


At 11:38 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

irrelevant. this blog is supposed to be dedicated to OH 1, and yet you're posting information about OH 6. I'm guessing that most of the people who will visit this site looking for information about the race aren't going to care that Wilson did well in a PRIMARY.


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