Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yet Another Chabot Protest

MoveOn.Org has targeted Rep. Chabot regarding health care corruption. Apparently they mass e-mailed an invite last week for the protest to Ohio MoveOn members. I'm not a moveon kinda guy and therefore didn't get an invite. (FYI, the photo above is a fake check that MoveOn members were presenting to "corrupt" Congressman around the country, including Chabot, that totals the amount of money the Congressman received from big drug companies. That "check" is for Rep. John Sullivan bc I couldn't find photos of the Chabot event yet).

Here's part of the invite: "But the story of corruption and the Medicare drug program did not end there. Today, Rep. Chabot, after taking $36,550 from big drug companies, refuses to fix programs. Instead he supports bullying millions of seniors into joining the flawed plan by threatening permanent late fees, starting on May 15th."

The Dean of Cincinnati at the Beacon has the story


At 3:46 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Seems like more of the same left-wing propaganda. Guess your "searches" are still missing anything that is pro-Chabot or would dispute the lies spread by groups like MoveOn. Here is an excerpt and link to a news story showing that Chabot has in fact supported an extension of the Medicare deadline. When are you going to acknowledge that you are just a partisan hack?

From the Hill:

Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) is a co-sponsor of a bill offered by Rep. Jeb Bradley (R-N.H.) that would give beneficiaries a three-month extension to enroll.

“Extending the deadline will give seniors an opportunity to get the information and assistance they may need to enroll in the benefit program,” Chabot said in a release.


At 7:52 PM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

From what I have found, the GOP and its leaders are recently becoming more leniant about the medicare deadline in order to not repel voters for the upcoming November election.

Here's the Hill article on it today:


Regarding the bill the Chabot is cosponsoring, HR 4715, THOMAS indicates there are 7 co-sponsors and it is still in a subcommittee.


By the way, the Alliance for Retired Americans gave Chabot in 2005 the worst possible record for supporing their cause - 0% - which is to ensure "social and economic justice and full civil rights for all citizens so that they may enjoy lives of dignity, personal and family fulfillment and security".

Chabot also has a career rating of 6%, which, again, is about as anti-seniors according to this organization as a Congressman can get.


I would like to see a good analysis of Chabot's overall views on Medicare, Social Security, and senior issues, with examples of legislation supported before I personally make a judgement on him regarding this important issue.

At 8:10 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon/Chabot 2:46pm --

Cranley came out against the deadline tax before Chabot did. Then after Chabot got heat, he decided to follow Cranley's lead. The problem is that Chabot doesn't get any results whatsoever.

Chabot just put his name on an amendment bill that is going nowhere.

If Chabot really wanted to stop it, he would join with the Dems who have pushed against this tax for months. Not after Cranley made it an issue first.

Let's be honest about Chabot's tricks.

At 10:46 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.


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