Monday, June 26, 2006

Ironic Day for Chabot in the Enquirer

RE: Wasteful Spending

"While our previous line-item veto legislation was blocked by the courts, I am hopeful that this proposal will pass constitutional scrutiny," said Congressman Steve Chabot, R-Cincinnati. "Clearly, there are too many in Washington who have a penchant for spending other people's money."

Congressman Chabot, you are right, there are too many people in D.C. that have a penchant for spending other people's money -- and you're one of them. You are one of the few Congressmen who overly abuse their priveledge to send mail and keep records on their constituents for free - at the tax payer's expense - and from their own public offices. In fact, there is a Washington Post story about how Chabot cheats his constituents.

And if you are really that concerned about politicians spending other people's money, why have you accepted $75,000 from PACs?!

RE: Iraq Policy

"No one can say that everything has gone just as planned in the war on terror ... but I have no doubt that we will ultimately prevail."

This is shocking news because in the lead-up to the Iraq War, Chabot repeatedly said that Saddam "is" on the verge of having nuclear weapons, which was the basic justification for going to war. He was 100% certain! He had access to classified documents as part of the House IR Committee, which led him to make all these accusations that Saddam is on a team with Bin Laden. But now Chabot confesses that not everything has gone as planned. Well, if you make up evidence and "proof" for going to a war, then you can be "certain" that everything will not go as planned.


At 9:34 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabothead is a F-R-A-U-D.

Why don't you focus on how rich he's gotten off the taxpayers Ohio First? I bet his medical, pension, and all the raises he been taking adds up to a pretty impressive stock portfolio from all the insider ReThuglican trading he does.

At 10:02 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is classic! Someone should tally Chabot's income since coming to Congress compared to his partisan coting record.

I bet that as he has gotten rich, his voting record has gotten closer and closer to the GOP party lines. That's sad.

Politics shouldn't corrupt you that bad. Chabot needs to go.

At 10:37 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that photo just scared the crap out of me man. Take that thing down for the sake of Jesus.


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