Monday, June 05, 2006

It’s Your Money... actually, no, it's Chabot's money

From the Cincy Post

"I guess you probably know which camp I'm in,'' Chabot said. "I look at this like it's not our money up there - it's your money, and we need to be more fiscally prudent.''

That’s a classic Chabot line. He’s a self-proclaimed fiscal conservative and opposes pork-barrel projects. He considers the money of the government as the people’s money… That is, except when his campaign cycle rolls around.

Chabot has managed to send over $100,000 worth of unofficial campaign mailers out using tax payer funds to do so. In 2004 and 2005 alone, he has spent over $50,000 of tax payer money on his campaign mass mails.

Not only that, but he actually pledged not to do such a thing in principle back in 1994 (you know, 1994, when Chabot pledged not to run for Congress for more than 6 terms!). And, not only that, but according to the Cranley campaign, those thousands of mass mailings included false claims.

Chabot claims in his most recent mailer that he is “working to reduce gas prices” and is “leading efforts to balance the budget and reduce the federal deficit.” Chabot also claims he is “protecting voting rights”… The reality is that Chabot has been handing over billions and billions of the peoples’ dollars to oil companies enjoying record profits – the same oil companies who have given over $60K to Chabot’s campaign coffers.

Voting for every Bush Energy Bill and serving on the House Senate conference committee that gave up $14.5 Billion in corporate welfare to energy companies last year, Chabot has consistently been on the side of oil companies… Two weeks ago, in a bipartisan fashion, the House voted to revoke $7 Billion of free giveaways to oil companies, but Steve Chabot voted for the oil companies.

John Cranley has said over and over that in 94 Chabot went to change Washington, but it has changed him. Every day, this is looking more and more true.


At 10:15 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is unbelievable! I first didnt even read the pledge thing! Chabot is scavagering for every penny to distort his record to people, even if he uses the people's money to do so.

Chabot should give the money back like he gave that other dirty money back. When I think of dirty money I think of Steve Chabot. When I think of Chabot I think of the man that somehow got the Cincinnati Congress seat. If he was not pro-life, I don't know how anyone would listen to him. I dont know what he wants us to think of him anymore. Does he even know what to think of himself?

At 7:03 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How exactly do Democrats propose to lower gas prices? Are we just going to all of a sudden decide that gas will cost $1.55? Where is that money going to come from? Are we going to start subsidizing gasoline now?

You all are so quick to criticize Steve Chabot for not doing something, when in fact he's been working extremely hard to lower gas prices, and ensure voting rights.

The article implies that Chabot has used government money to fund his re-election campaign. This is blatantly false. Every piece of mail his office sends out is in response to a constituent comment in the form of faxes, emails, letters and phone calls. What the article calls "unofficial campaign mailers" are just Steve trying to communicate with his constituency to keep his fingers on the pulse of Cincinnati. This is part of the "franking" privilege that members of Congress enjoy. It's not a recent phenomenon either- it's guaranteed in the Constitution so that Congress would truly be the "people's body."

At 12:39 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then why do all the big national papers only single HIM out at doing it so bad?! Maybe a lot of politicans do it, but Steve Chabot does it so over the top that you can tell he is cheating. I dont want my taxes going to paying for Steve Chabot's unethical campaigning for reelection from his own public office.


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