Monday, June 05, 2006

New Ohio Poll, and implications for Chabot

The University of Cincinnati poll has existed for 25 years. A few days ago, they judged President Bush's approval rating at 35%. That is the lowest of any President UC has polled in two and a half decades.

As a result of Ohio's distaste for the Bush administration, many Republican office holders and candidates are distancing themselves from him.

Not Chabot.

Chabot was the first to greet Bush as he got off Air Force One in February, when Bush came to down for a GOP fundraiser. And of course, Chabot has voted with the Bush Administration 90% of the time. Although Chabot clearly supports Bush, (especially legislation that Bush supports, including the resolution to authorize the Iraq War) Chabot always tries to mention little examples about how much of an independent voter he is.


Chabot votes outside his party, what, 10% of the time? While the party establishment is certainly important to get bills through Congress, it is much more important for Members of Congress to vote their conscious and represent their constituents. This is an area Chabot has let us down. I guess his conscious tells him that voting with Bush will help him get re-elected. If the UC poll is accurate, his plan is set to fail.


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