Wednesday, June 07, 2006

NY Times Warns Ohio Voters

In the NYT today, an editorial warns Ohio voters that our ruling party - the GOP - will try to discourage people from voting in order to lessen votes for Democrats.

This really makes me excited about the 2006 election. Under Secretary of State Ken Blackwell's leadership, Ohio may be prove once again that democracy is only as genuine as its regulators decide for it to be.

New York Times
June 7, 2006
Block the Vote, Ohio Remix

If there was ever a sign of a ruling party in trouble, it is a game plan that calls for trying to win by discouraging voting.

The latest sign that Republicans have an election-year strategy to shut down voter registration drives comes from Ohio. As the state gears up for a very competitive election season this fall, its secretary of state, J. Kenneth Blackwell, has put in place "emergency" regulations that could hit voter registration workers with criminal penalties for perfectly legitimate registration practices. The rules are so draconian they could shut down registration drives in Ohio.

Mr. Blackwell, who also happens to be the Republican candidate for governor this year, has a history of this sort of behavior. In 2004, he instructed county boards of elections to reject any registrations on paper of less than 80-pound stock — about the thickness of a postcard. His order was almost certainly illegal, and he retracted it after he came under intense criticism. It was, however, in place long enough to get some registrations tossed out.

This year, Mr. Blackwell's office has issued rules and materials that appear to require that paid registration workers, and perhaps even volunteers, personally take the forms they collect to an election office. Organizations that run registration drives generally have the people who register voters bring the forms back to supervisors, who can then review them for errors. Under Mr. Blackwell's edict, everyone involved could be committing a crime. Mr. Blackwell's rules also appear to prohibit people who register voters from sending the forms in by mail. That rule itself may violate federal elections law.

Mr. Blackwell's rules are interpretations of a law the Republican-controlled Ohio Legislature passed recently. Another of the nation's most famous swing states, Florida, has been the scene of similar consternation and confusion since it recently enacted a law that is so harsh that the Florida League of Women Voters announced that it was stopping all voter registration efforts for the first time in 67 years.

Florida's Legislature, like Ohio's, is controlled by Republicans. Throughout American history both parties have shown a willingness to try to use election law to get results they might otherwise not win at the polls. But right now it is clearly the Republicans who believe they have an interest in keeping the voter base small. Mr. Blackwell and other politicians who insist on making it harder to vote never say, of course, that they are worried that get-out-the-vote drives will bring too many poor and minority voters into the system. They say that they want to reduce fraud. However, there is virtually no evidence that registration drives are leading to fraud at the polls.

But there is one clear way that Ohio's election system is corrupt. Decisions about who can vote are being made by a candidate for governor. Mr. Blackwell should hand over responsibility for elections to a decision maker whose only loyalty is to the voters and the law.


At 8:07 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If that goes through, I cannot tell you how many times I would now be in jail! Helping people to register to vote and to ensure their forms are filled out correctly is an honorable and democratic action. I have checked voter registrations papers before. Probably 1/4 is filled out wrong and 1/8 is filled out significantly wrong that the Board of Elections may just toss it.

Mr. Blackwell has so many clever tactics up his sleeve at "voter suppression" or whatever you kids call it these days. You have to give him credit where it is due. He loves his party, which is ironic I think, because he used to be a Charterite, a Democrat, and even a pro-Jimmy Carter Democrat. Look that up in an encyclopedia.

Do you all really know anything about Ken Blackwell? I am not so sure he is really conservative personally. Look at his old record! Who the heck is he!!

Speaking of old records, remember former Cincinnati mayor Thomas Luken, the elder Luken, once endorsed Chabot over abortion grounds if I have my facts straight. You wannt to confirm that one for me blogger?

At 11:20 PM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

Yes Luken endorsed Chabot when Chabot ran against Qualls. Tom Luken is behind Cranley in this race, and I assume he was behind him in 2000 as well.

By the way, this post was the #1 most read post nationally on LeftyBlogs.Com today... Good going Blackwell!

(If there was a "RightyBlogs.Com", I would register with them too.)


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