Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rep. Chabot LOSES, Black Farmers WIN

Finally, after 15 months of persistent requests to Rep. Chabot's office, the National Black Farmers Association scored a victory (previous post). Steve Chabot finally held true to his year-old promise to introduce a bill that would allow over 60,000 black farmers to finally get the thousands of dollars they were promised by the federal government through a civil rights lawsuit.

This is a victory by the Black Farmers because Chabot had gone back on his word and never introduced the legislation. Instead, he introduced over 30 other bills not dealing with the issue. In April, the Black Farmers staged a big and extravagant protest on the national mall. Recently, Chabot told the President of the Black Farmers Association John Boyd that if he did not apologize to him for protesting, then Chabot would not introduce the legislation (an ultimatum!).

Obviously, the Black Farmers weren't going to apologize and instead held firm to their convictions that the federal government, and Constitution sub-committee chairman Steve Chabot in particular, owed it to them to help the disenfranchised 60,000 black farmers.

This was a long and ridiculous past year for the Black Farmers. Steve Chabot was a real jerk to them. First he was too preoccupied to pay attention to their needs. He then disrespected them in meetings, and even had the nerve to ask their President to apologize for a past protest as an ultimatum.

Steve Chabot should publicly apologize for the disrespect and trouble that he caused to the National Black Farmers Association and the 60,000 disenfranchised black farmers around America.


At 8:03 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look closely at what Chabothead is saying -- absolutely nothing. He put forth a bill that encourages consideration. Consideration! That means no results.

Black Farmers get nothing and CHabothead keeps true to his strongarming of the black famers. Typical R bullshit.

At 2:51 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From day one on this black farmer mess I knew Chabot was going to be a jackass. Chabot is a jackass.

Cranley's the man in OH01 in 2006.

At 11:55 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Chabothead supposed to be an insult of some sort, because it is a sucky one. Make fun of his combover or something.

At 12:33 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I kind of like Chabothead. Though perhaps Chabotliar is better?

At 12:43 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This goes to show, liberals suck at insults. Too busy being 'PC'. Grow a nut and a sense of humor.

At 11:14 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beware of the Chabothead!

At 8:31 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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