Thursday, June 15, 2006

Richard Clarke campaigns for Cranley

Richard Clarke, who worked in the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and W. Bush White Houses on national security/counterterrorism matters, came to Cincinnati yesterday to campaign in support of John Cranley.

You all may know Clarke from his testimony to the 9/11 Commission, or from being on every talk show on tv, including the Daily Show, or from his #1 NYT bestseller Against All Enemies. I guess he is supporting select Democratic candidates for Congress these days, including Cranley.

I have no quotes or photos, so if any of you have them, please email them on.


At 2:08 PM EDT, Blogger Ohio 2nd said...

Why isn't Cranley hyping this up to death. Richard Clarke??!! Where's the audio... video... pictures... press releases??? This is perfect for blogs and they do NOTHING do give the event some traction. Wha???


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