Sunday, July 23, 2006

Chabot on China and ways to invade more countries

Vote Steve Chabot for WWIII.

Some may ask, "What do you do if China goes to war over Taiwan?" I would answer: "whatever it takes" to defend a democracy against tyranny.
- Says Steve Chabot in a recent speech, without understanding the true differences in democracy between China and Taiwan.

The speech mentioned above by Steve Chabot lays out the justification for his radical views on China and Taiwan.

To see background on this issue, read the italics:

: There was a revolution in China during WW2 led by the communists, who won. The original non-communist (but totalitarian) government fled to the nearby island, Taiwan.
Democracy: During ‘80s and ‘90s Taiwan instituted democratic reforms, but is still far from appearing like a “normal” democracy. Since ‘90s China has appeared more democratic and capitalist as well. It is now a member of the WTO.
Military: China has a huge military and nuclear arsenal, and has more soldiers than people in America. Taiwan also has a pretty strong military, backed by U.S. political and military support.
One-China. China claims Taiwan is part of China, despite the fact that Taiwan is treated like an unofficial sovereign country. If Taiwan officially “secedes from the union” China will invade and the world will be in crisis. If America backs Taiwan, as Pres. Bush has pledged, then WW3 or nuclear war will likely commence.

Chabot’s view on this complicated issue makes America, Asia, and the world unsafe. Chabot, like virtually all Americans, recognizes Taiwan’s right to independence from China. But Taiwan is already virtually independent. There is no Chinese government presence in Taiwan. Taiwan has its own military and independent government. But it is not fully considered a sovereign country and is not a member of the UN.

Most rational and wise Americans support Taiwan, but ultimately look out for the U.S. national interest and world peace. An all-out U.S.-China War and a Taiwan-China War would result in the deaths of thousands or millions of people. Hundreds or thousands of nuclear weapons may be used, which would be the worst world event in history. (Have we learned anything from the Cold War?!)

Chabot supports this scenario. Apparently, he thinks the threat of war in Asia is not a big deal. Who cares about all the soldiers and civilians that may die. Who cares about the value of democratic and economic reforms in China and Taiwan. Democracy trumps all these issues to Chabot, even when Taiwan is not considered by all to be a full-fledged democracy!

Chabot argues that Taiwan must be stronger to prevent a Chinese invasion, despite the fact that China has yet to make such a move in 50 years. Right now Taiwan spends around $7 billion annually on defense, whereas China spends over $30 billion. So what is Chabot suggesting? He supports policies that will lead to an arms race between Taiwan and China in order to improve security for Taiwan and the region.

This is idea is far from the truth.

Taiwan-Chinese relations have been relatively stable for 50 years. Chabot’s ideas will make the region less stable and will pull the U.S. into an unnecessary nuclear war. As a member of the House International Relations Committee, Chabot needs to put special interests aside, think wisely, and represent American (not Taiwanese) interests first. (Special interests? Yes, Chabot is one of the Congressmen that has received $230,000 total from a private Taiwanese organization, which paid for Chabot and his collegues' fancy trips to Asia, and Chabot is co-founder of the House Taiwan Caucus).


At 12:06 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many wars will Bush, Chabot & the neo-cons of the Heritage Foundation take us into? This is crazy!

Can we afford to even find out?

The closer you look at Chabot, the scarier it is to have him at the helm of foreign policy in congress.

He calls himself an expert!

At 4:08 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabot is what you can an idealist. When people like him are put in positions of power, they often realize their ideal views on certain foreign policies are very impractical and will have the opposite effect anticipated.

This idea is ironic because President Bush has the same views, apparently, as Chabot, except Bush is wise enough (is that an oxymoron?) to know that America would much more prefer a hegemonic, nuclear-armed ALLY than a hegemonic, nuclear-armed ENEMY.

Imagine if the rhetoric emanating from Iran, North Korea, or Al Qaeda was also coming from China. It would be a New Cold War.

That's what Chabot wants, a new Cold War. That would make America less safe.

At 8:16 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabothead is dangerous. Is he an Armeggedon/Rapture type??

At 3:30 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This rhetoric is not surprising. A while ago you said Chabot took illegal trips from a Taiwanese firm.

What's with congressmen and fancy trips? Why can't they just go to their constituencies? Chabot goes to India and China and Taiwan and who knows where else. He doesn't go to discuss anyting important, he goes for vacation.

I heard there's a race in Chabot's foreign relations commitee for chairmanship and that chabot is one of the few that no one would even consider for chair bc he never knows that is going on.

Also the frontrunners in the race are paying off other republican members of the committee through campaign contributions, including chabot, who reportedly received thousands from one or a couple of the candidates who had never donated to him before.

Illegal trips, ties to Delay/Ney/Abramoff, bribery, bad hair .... not what we want from a ohio congressman.


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