Monday, July 24, 2006

Chabot's Immigration Plan / Midday Humor Break

A coalition of labor unions, businesses, local elected offials (including Republican Butler County Commissioner Mike Fox), and others blasted Chabot, Boehner, and other Congressmen over their failed immigration ideas.

They are called the 'Fix It Now' committee, and they want to build a fence along the U.S.-Mexican border. Apparently they think climbing a fence will deter poor Mexicans from entering our country to work in poor conditions to support their families. They also want a fence on the northern border to prevent all those damn Canadians from entering our country.

More logical ideas the committee has include: requiring illegals to register for residency status, enacting a guest-worker program, "strengthening" immigration laws, and importantly, revamping the way our government goes after employers who hire illegals.

The chairman of Fix It Now said, "It is outrageous that Congress has pushed it to the back burner and neglected their duty to protect America from the harm that it is enduring because of an immigration system that is broken" and that Chabot and others are "more interested in protecting their political careers than protecting America."

The Enquirer reports that Boehner and Chabot have denied the accusations.

Chabot responded the the committee by saying, "If you are serious (about immigration reform), get security at the borders first ... Once that has been accomplished, we can determine what the national consensus is with what happens with the people that are here illegally."

Let's analyze his prophetic words.

If you and I are serious about reforming our government's immigration policies, then we must "get security" at the borders before we do anything else. I guess if we can't "get security" on our 7,000 mile long border with Mexico and Canada, then Congress has no other way reform our laws.

That's what I call a pro-active Congressman.

Additionally, Chabot says that once we "get security" adequate at our borders, then he and his colleagues can determine what the "national consensus is with what happens with the people that are here illegally."

Let me get this straight. The way to reform America's immigration policies is to first secure borders somehow, then see if everyone is on the same page with what to do with all the illegal aliens.

In a nutshell, Chabot's idea on how to reform our immigration policy is: secure the border, see what everyone else is thinking, do it. I think I heard the same plan from a CPS 3rd grader.

For fun, let's translate Chabot's mentality to the Iraq crisis: first we win the war, ask people how to fix Iraq, then do it.

Someone needs to give this guy a medal, a pat on the back, or a guide to being a Congressman.


At 8:12 AM EDT, Blogger Buckeye Beauford said...

A leaky roof is a better analogy. If it's pouring rain and your basement is flooding, what do you do first? Bucket out the water? Or fix the roof?

That aside, what would your answer be? Amnesty? Seems to be what "Fix It Now" wants.

At 3:20 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You cannot fix America's illegal immigration problem in a basic step-by-step process.

If Congress is waiting until the border is secure to move on to a next step, then we will be waiting for centuries. This is why Congress must take a multifaceted approach now. That committee mentions some ideas.

It's also important to recognize that it is likely that the CAUSES behind a Mexican person's decision to enter the United States will persist indefinitely. In other words, we have to accept that they will always want to come here. A fence is not going to remove the reasons why they want to come; it will only make it a bit harder to get here.

A fence will be one more obstacle among many for Mexicans to overcome. It won’t do anything about the “leak”.

You just can't compare the situation to a “leaky roof”. A leaky roof is easy to fix. You can pay someone to fix it. It may cost a couple hundred dollars, but you know that there is a simple way to fix it -- you just have to find the leak. Worst comes to worst, you replace your roof.

There is not one leak in the U.S.-Mexican border. It is one giant leak. Since there is no practical way to completely seal the leak or replace the “roof”, Congress must recognize that addressing the root problems is essential.

If Chabothead really views the border crisis as a "leak that needs to get fixed", then he has some serious leaking problems.


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