Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Chabot's New Website. C -

Someone at the Chabot camp must have remembered to update their website. It may have taken 2 years, literally, but the good thing is that it is finally up.

It starts off with the old Chabot commercial about him being a high school football player who knows what it takes to be a leader... He swept floors and pumped gas...

Here's my favorite line:

"Steve Chabot knows families work hard for their money, so he's fighting for tax relief."

This implies that Chabot supports tax breaks for families. Later under his "Tax Relief and Reform" platform it again mentions that "he has championed tax relief that allows hard working men and women to keep more of the money they earn."

Does Chabot stand up for middle class families? If so, why did he vote to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, which focus on tax relief for the very rich and not middle class families that need it most.

From what I know about Chabot, he is perhaps the most conservative Member of Congress on taxes. The Americans for Tax Reform gave him a 100% voting record on being anti-tax. The people of Cincinnati know how important taxpayer services are to keeping Cincinnati healthy and our neighborhoods livable. That doesn't mean they welcome them open-armed, instead they approach the issue in a reasonable, fair manner. Chabot, on the other hand, approaches America's essential tax payer services with a blind eye.

Here's an article that shows how the tax burden has shifted in our country.

Though, I am glad that Chabot's site is now up. I hope it is updated regularly so that Cincinnati voters can see that Chabot's views are way out of the Nati mainstream. His site so far seems to hide his radical conservative ideology. Clever idea.


At 2:49 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I give Chabot's a C+ and Cranley's a B-. They both need new webpages with real platforms so we can see what we are actually voting for.


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