Friday, July 28, 2006

Cranley Part of John Edwards Contest

From John Edwards' One America Committee

Vote by August 4th

Senator John Edwards is committed to helping as many candidates as possible before November. He has already raised $6.65 million for Democrats and attended fundraisers for strong congressional candidates in more than a dozen states this election cylce.

This fall, he will headline fundraisers for two Democrats running for the House who have been selected by our online community. You decide who those candidates will be.

Vote for the candidates who will work hard to build One America that works for all of us. Choose among districts targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Vote here.


At 11:52 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cranley needs to educate the voters in his TV ads why we need to restore balance in government. Let's face it, most Ohioans need an update. They need to know the consequences of a one-party government namely voting priviledges. What would happen if the Board of Elections throughout the Country was one-party. We don't think that's happening here in Cincinnati, already?

If this is all he ran on he would probably win. People love information and it needs to be very clear to them why Republicans and Democrats need to get Chabot out of there.

The real hypocracy is fighting over in Iraq to bring "democracy" when our current government does not respect the democratic process that put them in power.


And about Steve Chabot, let's ask about his "government waste" voting record. Hey, Steve! Our children disabled by poverty and medical issues are "government waste?"

Our children's future is "government waste?" How can the majority of scientist be wrong? Do we wait until Washington is under water?

Cranley, don't underestimate the intelligence of your voters in Ohio's First. Especially Republicans who are fed up with the abuse/misuse of power in Washington and Ohio.

Restore Democratic Principals. Restore Balance. Give us a future!

At 10:45 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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