Monday, July 17, 2006

Cranley Raises $463K this quarter, Total Contributions almost $1 million

The July 15th FEC report shows Cranley with:

$463,152 raised this quarter
$938,386 raised this campaign
$775,757 cash on hand

$227,383 from individuals
$200,867 from PACs
Cash on hand increase from last reporting period of over $300,000


Here's Chabot's report, according to the Beacon:

$320,000 raised this quarter
* This is $140,000 less than he raised last quarter
* over 50% of the 320K came from PACs

And from the Beacon:

Washington has changed Steve Chabot

A brief review of Chabot’s recent fundraising report shows how much Washington has changed Steve Chabot:

In Chabot’s first term in congress he said he wanted to change the law so politicians could not raise more money from political action committees (PACs) than individuals. ("Chabot proud to be a ‘radical freshman’”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 12/27/95)

Not only did Chabot take in twice as much money from PACs than individuals this fundraising period, Chabot has taken more money from special interest PACs than individuals during the entire 2006 campaign.

In Chabot’s first bid for congress he proposed that PAC contributions be capped at $50K. ("Luken, Chabot spar over PAC donations”, The Cincinnati Post, 9/13/88)

Chabot has never followed his own $50K PAC proposal. (FEC Finance Reports)

** If I got any of these figures wrong please let me know. Also, someone write in the url or directions to obtain Chabot's FEC report. The FEC website is too slow for me.


At 8:53 PM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

By the way, does anyone recall ANY fundraising quarter that Chabot has not outraised his opponent, other than this one?

I know Harris never outraised him in 2004 and 2002, Cranley didn't in 2000 either. Maybe Qualls or Mann did, I don't remember.

Either way, this race is breaking records.

At 10:47 PM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

I forgot to mention that Cranley's totals don't include his expected several-hundred-thousand-dollar contribution(s) from the DCCC's Red-to-Blue Program.

While Chabot still has quite a bit of cash left over in his campaign chest, Cranley's fundraising edge and widespread party support (Ohio and nationally) will prove to make this race a dead heat.

Where are all the opinion polls?


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