Wednesday, July 12, 2006

NRCC Tells Chabot to Jump From Spence Bridge, Enquirer Brings Cameraman

Chabot came to town again. No, it wasn't a high roller fundraising dinner. It was a pointless photo-op visit to a bridge.

I am really puzzled about the photo-op he did with Rep. Davis and former NRCC/RNC/Bush campaign top dog and current Acting Transportation Secretary, Maria Cino. All three Republicans headed down to the Brent Spence Bridge after notifying every media outlet in town. Someone said cheese and all of a sudden there is the most staged photo printed in the Enquirer the next day.

Of course, fixing the bridge IS a big deal. A cabinet secretary coming to town is also a big deal. But why did they come in the first place, and why now? What new news is occurring about the bridge? What recent development occurred? Is construction going to start this month?

No. No. No.

The bridge will start construction in 2015. They have yet to even make a design of what the bridge improvements will look like.

So why the hell did a Republican campaign strategist come to town to publicly meet with Rep. Chabot and Davis at Brent Spence Bridge?

Here’s why: Chabot and the NRCC are using every outlet to promote what is left of Chabot, even if it means putting his name on something he knows nothing about.

Chabot is going as far as to steal the bridge issue from Cranley (who has been working on it for years), just to get a photo for his website and some headlines in local papers. I don’t even think he was involved with the Coalition for a New Bridge group back in 2003!

To top it off, this is the same Chabot who claims to be Mr. Anti-Pork Barrel. I guess he doesn’t mind pork barreling when an election is around the corner.

If Chabot cared about the Spence Bridge so much, why didn’t he care about it in 2004, when another delegation of politicians, including a Republican Congressman, did a photo-op there? In fact, some were even holding his hand to jump on the opportunity! Chabot didn’t care about it then because his pork-barrel switch was turned off (he didn’t have a strong opponent in the 2004 race, so he ignored all important funding issues in his district).

So how does the Enquirer tie in to this story?

They held Chabot’s hand the whole way. They sent out photographer Glenn Hartong to meet Chabot, Davis, and Cino and take photos of them. Then Mike Rutledge wrote a generic pro-Chabot story on the issue, without even realizing that THERE IS NO NEW NEWS ON THE BRIDGE! At least the Cincy Post had the wits to realize that Chabot and Davis just happened to be in one of the closest races of their lives. For Chabot, one of the top 10 races in the country.

What we are witnessing from Chabot and the NRCC is a pathetic attempt to show voters that he is engaged in the pressing issues of Cincinnati – which is far from the truth. He only comes to town for campaign fundraisers or these pointless photo-ops. To beat Cranley, he is stealing Cranley’s issues. Doesn’t he have any of his own?


At 9:33 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This isn't the first time Chabot has done this during this election cycle. Remember the Galbraith Road hooplah as well? It must mean something if Chabot has resorted to transportation issues to convince his constituents that he is doing something for them.

Maybe he should spend less time focusing on Taiwan and more on Cincinnati.

At 6:41 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is amazing how bad Chabot looks.

At 12:37 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabot's Pork-Barrel-Switch... good point. Someone should go back and study all the pork barreling Chabot has done during his career. I gaurantee that during 1998, 2000, and definitely in 2006, his pork barreling and photo-oping rate skyrocketed. But when he didn't face a critical election year, he said fuck Cincinnati projects.

Chabot is sketchy to say the least. I do not even know where he stands on most issues.

Chabothead is a Flipflophead. There I said it.

At 10:38 PM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

Someone else is paying attention:

Cincy Post!


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