Tuesday, July 18, 2006

OH-01, 2000 vs. 2006: Cranley v. Chabot Fundraising Comparison

Note: This graph doesn't take into account rolled over cash that Chabot has been able to use for his 2000 and 2006 campaigns. Nor does it take into account all the tax payer money Chabot is using to campaign for himself from his DC office. What it does show is:

1) Cranley is now able raise a TON of money. His $400+ raised in the last reporting period is about as much as he raised in TOTAL in 2000.

2) Chabot experienced a VERY sharp DECREASE in fundraising right as voters saw their first glimpes of the campaign.

3) Cranley experienced a VERY sharp INCREASE in fundraising this election right as voters began paying attention to the race.

If these trends continue, it is very bad news for Chabot. Though, if the trends do continue, he will not be in as bad of a place as Old Ney over in the 18th.

There is a race in OH-01. Very strong fundraising. Very wide coverage. Strong commitment by the Democrats. Mild commitment by the Republicans. I wouldn't be suprised if a poll was taken today it would show Cranley within the margin of error.


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