Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chabot, Alberto Gonzales, Over-the-Rhine, and federal funding for a Christian Dance Club

Steve Chabot conveniently brought in U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to Cincinnati yesterday to talk about ways to reduce gun and drug violence (video). I am not convinced that this visit is any different than U.S. Transportation Secretary Maria Cino's recent "bridge stunt" visit, which was a cheap campaign ploy.

From WKRC: Gonzales said there are pilot programs in other cities to rescue young people from gangs and drugs. If they work, the programs could expand, possibly to Cincinnati. And there was jail talk about getting federal money to help pay for a new one.

Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Ohio: "There is an opportunity, potential for federal dollars, to what extent still has to be seen."

What is this I hear? Steve Chabot trying to appear as a pork-bareller? I thought Chabot was fundamentally opposed to bringing special funding back to the district. Why now, of all times, has Chabot let loose his convictions?.... Could it be the fact that yesterday was the first day Chabot has NOT LED a OH-01 matchup since the 1990s? Are we witnessing Chabot lying to himself and his constituents in an attempt to hold on to his job?

I think so.

When is Chabot going to issue a press release or invite a top official in town to talk about a new policy, program, or initiative that he has spearheaded? Other than a youth Christian dance club (WTF?!), this hasn't happened in a long time.

Here's the info on Chabot's proud Christian youth dance club contribution to the people of Cincinnati:

WTF of the Day: Why is Congress funding a "Christian Dance Club"

Congress returns this week to decide whether a Forest Park dance club for young people should get $150,000...

...The club, which is open Friday and Saturday nights, is run by Victory Videos Ministries. It's home to "The Zone," a dance show broadcast on local TV, "a kind of Christian MTV," ...

...Rep. Steve Chabot requested $250,000 for the project; he got $150,000 in the Housing and Urban Development budget. It still must pass the House and make it into a final House-Senate compromise bill.


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Is Chabot using thius for his campyaignb?


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