Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chabot's Arch Enemy Makes a Wierd Blog

The leader of one of the two countries Steve Chabot wants to further extend our troops in - Iran - has created his own blog. I thought I would go ahead and put a link to it on the column on the right. We should probably get to know this guy because if Chabot is re-elected, he just may crawl his way up the House IR Committee and press a Republican President to go to war.

He talks all about it here (video).

If Hu Jintao of China creates his own blog, I will be sure to let you all know.


At 8:08 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has Chabot ever accomplished?

At 4:45 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's call research. you do it before you make a stupid comment like "what has chabot ever accomplished?"

Congressman Steve Chabot has helped cut taxes on working families, voted consistently to reign in federal spending so our children and grandchildren won't be payinf off our debts, and has voted to protect social security. He's also been a leader on protecting private property rights, was an original author of the recent Voting Rights Act Renewal, and has worked tirelessly in OH-1's best interests.

Maybe if you knew what the heck you were talking about, you'd realize how hard he works to help.


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