Friday, August 11, 2006

Cranley and Senator Evan Bayh Talk National Security

From the Akron Beacon Journal:

Bayh highlights national security in Ohio trip
Associated Press

CINCINNATI - U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh, exploring a possible 2008 presidential bid, and Democratic congressional candidate John Cranley on Friday criticized the Bush administration for not moving quickly enough to improve national security.

Both said they would push for all recommendations by the 9/11 Commission, such as improving intelligence gathering and airport screening of passengers and bags. Bayh, an Indiana Democrat, has co-sponsored legislation for more security reforms.

"Nearly five years after the 9/11 attack, after an extensive bipartisan commission made recommendations about how best to protect America, too many of them have gone unimplemented," Bayh told The Associated Press. "That is simply not acceptable at a time when innocent American lives are at stake."

Bayh was in town for a fundraising luncheon for Cranley, a Cincinnati city councilman who is trying to unseat six-term Republican Steve Chabot.

"My opponent is not willing to tell George Bush and this administration to do a better job of protecting this country," Cranley said.

Chabot said he has a solid record of supporting efforts to strengthen national security and has advocated upgrading and expanding airport screening. He said the fact that this week's plot in Britain to blow up U.S.-bound planes was uncovered shows progress in anti-terrorism intelligence.

"It's unfortunate that once again, Mr. Cranley is playing politics even with something as important as our national security," Chabot said.

National security as an issue in this year's congressional campaigns has taken on a new focus this week in the aftermath of the foiled plot. [FULL TEXT]

So Cranley and Bayh are mad that Chabot (a House IR Committee member) never pushed Bush or his House collegues to support the implementation of all the 9/11 Commission reccomendations. Chabot and most Republicans voted for H.R. 10 in 2004, which implemented many of the 9/11 Commission reccomendations, but not nearly all of them. Critics (including Republicans) also say that Hastert and others failed to include Democrats in the drafting process, and as a result, the bill includes sketchy provisions dealing with civil liberties. Sherrod Brown and Ted Strickland voted against it.

This issue symbolizes Chabot's role in Congress. He comes with ultra-conservative beliefs, he lets loose his ideological convictions during re-relection campaigns, and he lets all his collegues write the important bills and keeps his mouth shut during the process.

Chabot doesn't do anything in Congress, except go on fancy trips, impeach Presidents, urge war with China, and write resolutions of congratulations when a West Side high school athletics team wins a championship.

I wonder if Chabot will ever release a poll on this race. Maybe November 7th will be the only poll he recognizes. If so, I can predict the result.


At 8:09 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for Cranley. He is going to do a gret job.


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