Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Darth Cheney to Campaign for Chabot

Since Steve Chabot cannot garner enough support in Cincinnati or raise enough money, the NRCC has coordinated Darth Cheney to host a fundraiser for him.

So far we have had two cabinet secretaries do political stunts for Chabot, a scheduled Laura Bush visit that was postponed, and now Vice President Dick Cheney. Do I see a pattern here? Are Bush's daughters going to be sent here next? Why not the President himself? Chabot votes in line with him 90% of the time, so of course he supports him...

Here's the Enquirer article:

Cheney to stump for Rep. Chabot

Vice President Dick Cheney is headed to Cincinnati for a private fundraiser Aug. 24 for Rep. Steve Chabot's re-election campaign.

Chabot faces Democrat John Cranley, a Cincinnati City Council member from Price Hill. Chabot, a Westwood Republican, will host the vice president at the West Side home of Dennis and Patricia Ott.

An invitation obtained by The Enquirer says the event costs $1,500 per person or couple to get a photo with the vice president.

Supporters can attend just the reception for a $1,000 donation each, or $1,500 for a couple.

Here's Cranley's PR on it:

Meeting behind closed doors for over four years with oil lobbyists, The Dick Cheney Energy Task Force crafted an energy bill that gave over $14.5 Billion in tax breaks and subsidies to oil and gas companies who have been making record profits since. Backing Cheney every step of the way, Chabot voted for every version of the taxpayer giveaway bill and even helped negotiate the bill’s passage through Congress for Bush to sign it into law. (“Energy Bill highlights influence of Texans,” The Boston Globe, 8/04/05; HR 4, Vote #320, 8/1/01; HR 6, Vote #145, 8/11/03; HR 6, Vote #132, 4/21/05; HR 6, Vote #445, 7/28/05)“Chabot should come clean and admit that giving billions of taxpayer money to rich oil companies is wrong,” said Cranley. “At this time of record high gas prices, it is a slap in the face of the people of the 1st district for Steve Chabot to bring in Dick Cheney to fill-up his campaign coffers.”

In Steve Chabot’s 1st congressional term, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Steve Chabot called tax breaks for big oil companies “corporate welfare that the government can’t afford.” Chabot even bucked his party and voted against a provision “that would give big oil companies a tax break for deep water wells drilled in the Gulf of Mexico.”With oil men in the White House, Chabot has voted for every Bush-Cheney Energy Bill – each giving Billions in “corporate welfare.” (“Chabot proud to be a ‘radical freshman’”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 12/27/95;) ####
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That picture is awesome. Chabot is a joke.

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