Friday, August 25, 2006

Subodh Chandra and Jack Murtha Team Up For Cranley

Congressman Jack Murtha and former Ohio Attorney General candidate Subodh Chandra (who you calling a macaca?) are teaming up to boost John Cranley. I swear, Cranley is receiving support from every big Democrat in the country.

From the Enquirer blog:

"Murtha jumps into the Chabot-Cranley race"

After being called a coward on the floor of the House by Jean Schmidt, decorated vietnam war hero John Murtha might be inclined to help the campaign of Democrat Victoria Wulsin in the 2nd Congressional District.

But Wulsin's campaign to unseat Schmidt is not one of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's targeted races, while the Ohio 1st District is.

So, the Pennsylvania congressman is wading into the fight between Steve Chabot and John Cranley as the featured guest at Thursday, Aug. 31 at the Cleveland home of Subodh Chandra, the former Cleveland law director who ran for Ohio attorney general in the primary and lost.

Chandra, who also had a hand in drumming up donors for the Ted Strickland fundraiser at Joel Hyatt's home tonight, is suggesting contributions of "at least $100" for the Murtha fundraiser.


At 2:28 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabot sucks Cheney balls!

It is a fact that takes two metal detectors.

It is a fact that takes Chabot Head.

It is super gross.

It warrants the impeachment of Steve Chabot.


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