Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tabacco Industry Puffin' For Chabot

From examining Chabot's financial records, it seems that the Tabacco lobby - R.J. Reynolds' PAC and possibly others - are giving Chabot a lot of money.

R.J. Reynolds have forked over at least $3,500 so far.

I'm glad to see Chabot standing up for the cancer producing industries, and the ozone-destroying industries - Big Oil - as well.


At 11:38 AM EDT, Blogger john said...

Who cares about $3500 or tobacco. Did Chabot make you start smoking? Let's face it, the tobacco industry is dying and it doesn't need laws to make it die quicker or live longer. I really don't understand what conclusion could be drawn from a congressman receiving money from tobacco companies. It's a dead industry with too much bureaucracy.

Why would anyone think that inhaling smoke is good? Who would think that it doesn't cause cancer? Last I checked, if there's a fire in your house the firemen take you out. They don't ask you to hang out and take in some smoke first. Then people cry "addiction" and "nicotine." Regardless of any addicting affects, humans are creatures of habit. I like coffee and have my share everyday. I could say its an addiction. People are just like that, regardless of a chemical, people get stuck on habits. You name it, sodas, beer, chips, tv shows etc. Get over it, make your own decisions and take responsibility.

Maybe Chabot will pull all the crap advertisement from Truth and Stand. What a waste of money for our taxes and companies.

This is the scarier issue with Chabot


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