Sunday, August 20, 2006

Warning to OH-01 Residents: Steve Chabot Understands U.S. Foreign Policy Through Cartoons

Digging through the internet, I found a couple articles about Congressman Steve Chabot and political cartoons. The more you read about this, the more you will realize that Steve Chabot hasn't learned one thing since being elected to Congress.

First, the Taipan Times (Taiwan) reports that while in a House International Relations hearing, Steve Chabot showed a cartoon to Secretary of State Rice. He then stated, "I use this cartoon as an illustration of the frustration I'm sure Taiwan's leaders must be feeling, and frankly, the frustration I am feeling."

Second, when Chabot had just a few seconds to greet President Bush off Air Force One, he handed him another cartoon. Chabot later recalls, "I knew I only had a few seconds, so I gave him a copy of the Jim Borgman cartoon in (Thursday's) paper. . . He stuck it in his pocket, and I said, 'I hope you'll look at it, Mr. President.' He said, 'I will, Steve.' "

What these two stories demonstrate about our Congressman is that he actually conceives of America's place in the world through cartoons. When given a chance to question the U.S. Secretary of State over our 'One-China' policy, he gives her a cartoon. When given the opportunity to confront President Bush about the war in Iraq and homeland security, he gives him a cartoon.

What's wrong with Chabot? Why can't he engage in an educated, rational conversation with our nation's leaders?

The only person in my life that explained policy positions through political cartoons was my 3rd grade social studies teacher. He did so because he really didn't know what he was talking about; nor did his 8 year-old students.

Well, Steve Chabot doesn't know what he is talking about, but fortunately his constituents are wise enough to notice his incompetence and ineptitude as a lawmaker.

Can you imagine what George Bush and Condoleezza Rice thought when Chabot tried to "school" them with cartoons?!

If cartoons are the only things that Chabot understands, then maybe he should read this one.


At 2:19 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabot doesnt understand foreign relations through cartoons. He understands it through the generic rhetoric his legislative aids reccommend to him (the same generic rhetoric coming out of Schmidt constituent emails).

Chabot's staffers generalize and over simplify complex issues to make them easier to campaign on -- without really even understanding what theyre talking about.

From Chabot's perspective, he has accumulated a couple issues that he calls his own: "defending" taiwan from the "encrouching" China, and being fiscally conservative.

First of all, the Taiwan issue isnt going anywhere and hasnt gone anywhere for 50 frickin years. That's like having freeing Tibet being your issue. China's a gigantic powerhouse. They are allowed claiming their own territory as their own. Yeah they are a dictatorship, but they are a soviergn country and you can't just go to war with them because they aren't like us. (Well, I guess Bush proved us wrong with that.)

For Steve's fiscal conservative rhetoric, just look at this voting record in the House. Look at how he voted for Bush's reckless budgets, corporate welfare, defense increases, etc, etc. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

Chabot is an old fart that doesn't know important issues. That's all Im sayin here. I'm not surprised how low he got in that study of effective congressmen.

At 8:06 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need Chabothead cartoons!~

At 11:49 AM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

That is actually a really good idea.

At 6:06 PM EDT, Anonymous RG in DC said...

We are actually hoping to get a photo of the chabot cups that are being given away with the "dirty polical money" that Chabot gets from Tom DeLay and Duke Cunningham. Do you guys have one of those?

At 8:12 PM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

View the dumb Chabot cups here:

Let me know if you need any thing else.


At 10:45 PM EDT, Anonymous RG in DC said...

Thanks, Alex! if we stick the cup on the Take Back Cincinnati blog, we will be sure to give you credit. Keep up the great work.

At 2:57 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God for Borgmann.

At 3:09 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cranley or chabot? it like a choice between a fuel efficient car or a gas guzzler.

i like cranley. he's young, cute, smart, and he's gotta really nice mother, too. and i don't think she'll "whoopya" if you don't vote for her son.

the apples doesn't fall far from the tree


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