Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chabot Campaign Still Hiding Secret Polling Data

It is very interesting that the Chabot campaign still has NOT released ANY polls of the OH-01 campaign. There are only 43 days left in the campaign, which really started on the day John Cranley announced he was running again.

That means that OVER 10 MONTHS have passed during the campaign without a poll released from Chabot. With only 43 days left, I think we all know what his secret campaigns polls reveal:


If his polls said he was within 5 of Cranley, I think he would have already released them, because that would really encourage his base and the GOP to rally behind him to gain 5 more points. But that's not the case, which leads me to believe that Cranley's recent poll that showed him 9 points ahead of Chabot is still accurate.

And the big kicker is that several months ago, the NRCC paid for a poll of OH-01, and, guess what, IT WAS NEVER RELEASED!!


Remember, the Cranley campaign has released 3 polls so far, the first showing Cranley a little behind, then tied, then NINE POINTS AHEAD!

So whether you are a Cranley or Chabot supporter, I think now is the time to press the Chabot folks to give us an answer: why no polls yet?! Email the campaign at chabotcups@chabotforcongress.com, which, by the way, is a really stupid campaign email address.


At 8:15 AM EDT, Blogger RGBlogging said...

Perhaps we can launch a joint request to get Chabot to release his data.

At 5:07 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cups are the only thing Chabot has going for him right now!

At 9:30 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TBC and Ohio's FIRST should do a joint statement request and cc lots and lots of Cincinnatian News.


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