Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chabot Corruption Alert: Chabot is Pork Barrelling To His Own Campaign Donors!

We all know how Chabot feels about pork barrelling to his own district. He is morally opposed to it. There are many quotes from speeches and interviews where he claims to be Mr. Pork Buster in the U.S. House. In the Cincinnati Post he is even quoted as saying, “I wasn’t sent up here to bring pork back to my district.”

Pork Barrel Politics: a derogatory term describing government spending that is intended to benefit constituents of a politician in return for their political support, either in the form of campaign contributions or votes.

The ironic part of Chabot's beliefs about pork is that he refuses to maintain his beliefs during re-election campaigns. This election, Chabot's pork barrelling is probably at its all-time high. So why does Chabot all of a sudden let loose his moral beliefs? Because his job status is more important to him than his promises to constituents.

With this said, please take a look at today's Hill article which connects the dots between Chabot's top campaign contributors and the recipients of Chabot's recent attempts at pork barrelling.

At your first glance, it may all seem like a coincidence. After all, the Cincinnati Museum Center, Childrens' Hospital, UC, XU, and the Cincy Symphony Orchestra are all major local institutions. It could be a coincidence that Chabot is rewarding these entities after they provided substantial campaign contributions.

But I don't think it is a coincidence. Here's why:

The recent Hill article is not surprising. We have witnessed many attempts during the past several months of Chabot switching-face and being eager to pork barrel (the two fluff visits from cabinet secretaries are two examples). Furthermore, this is Chabot's toughest re-election bid ever. Many top political sources are not calling the race a toss-up or even leaning-Dem. Cranley's fundraising figures are very impressive, in fact, during last quarter Cranley out-fundraised Chabot! And of course, we all remember the two recent polls that showed the race tied and then showed Cranley up by 9 points.

To say the least, Chabot is fighting for his job - and his way of life. He is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep himself in office. He lies to his constituents about being a "maverick", when in fact he votes with Bush 91% of the time. He fails to show up at the first debate. And now he is rewarding his own campaign contributors with genuine pork projects.

Washington has changed Steve Chabot. He is no longer a man of his convictions. We are witnessing exactly what weak-minded men do when enough political pressure is applied to them: they cave in to self-interest.

Through his career and public pledges, Cranley has proven that he is not the type of Congressman that will break under political pressure.


At 10:57 AM EDT, Anonymous Nemo Wolfe said...

It was worth the trip to The Hill article to find out that Carl Lindner was a founder of the Cincinnati Symphony, one of America's oldest orchestras. To have all one's hair at the age of 150 is no mean accomplishment for this talented billionaire.

At 12:38 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OHIO's FIRST is the best fucking congressional race blog that exists. The pictures are fantastic. Darth Cheney is a classic. And Chabot is clearly a well-documented idiotic congressman. Your Taiwan stories are awesome. Have you ever read the testimony of when he stepped-up to chair the committee that regulated circus elephants?

Seriously. Chabotface was talking about elephants running wild like he was predicting how he and his so-called republican revolutionaries were going to take over the world and not know what to do.

At 4:31 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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