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New PR from Cranley - worth a read

Washington Changed Chabot into a Rubberstamp for Bush
New Ad from Cranley for Congress

(Cincinnati – OH-1) Cranley for Congress has released a new ad that demonstrates how Washington has changed Steve Chabot into a rubberstamp for President Bush who has lost touch with the people of Ohio’s First Congressional District.

Recently, The Cincinnati Enquirer described Chabot as a “Bush Stalwart” who is “much more conservative than his largely blue-collar district, which is nearly evenly split between Republican and Democratic voters.” (1/31/06) In 2004, the First District gave Bush 51% of the vote. A non-partisan group recently reported that Chabot votes for Bush’s agenda 92% of the time.

Instead of fighting for the people of the First District, Steve Chabot increasingly sides with Bush’s agenda. Cranley for Congress’ newest ad addresses a few of the issues where Steve Chabot is with Bush, instead of the First District: Privatizing Social Security, Accountability in Iraq, and Corporate Welfare for Oil Companies.


92% Bushie
According to report last month by a non-partisan group, Hill Monitor, Chabot has rubberstamped Bush agenda 92% of the time.

(Sources: Hill Monitor website and reported in The Cincinnati Enquirer, 9/25/06 and The Cincinnati Post, 8/26/06)

Risky Social Security Privatization Plan

This month, Bush again said he would “revive his plan to overhaul the U.S. Social Security retirement program if his Republican party keeps control of the Congress” by privatizing social security with private accounts.

For years, Chabot has repeatedly called for privatizing Social Security. Chabot has said “private accounts are one of the keys to saving Social Security” and has publicly pushed Bush to move forward with plans to privatize Social Security.

John Cranley has signed a pledge to the people of Ohio’s First Congressional District and to the American people that he will fight to strengthen Social Security and oppose the risky schemes of privatizing Social Security.

(Sources: “Bush wants to renew Social Security push after vote,” Reuters, 9/09/06; The Cincinnati Enquirer, 10/30/04, 8/27/04, 2/04/05, 12/08/02; The Cincinnati Post, 2/01/05, 10/24/98; John Cranley’s Social Security Pledge)

Iraq Accountability
Chabot Rubberstamps Bush’s Iraq Policy 100%
Chabot says he is “100 percent with the president” on his Iraq policy and has praised Rumsfeld’s overall handling of the Iraq war, saying “I think he’s done an exemplary job.” (Sources: Roll Call, 5/07/04; The Cincinnati Post, 1/27/03)

Chabot Pushed for Iraq War days after 9/11 and before Afghanistan
From the House floor, Steve Chabot pushed for war with Iraq just a few weeks after 9/11. Chabot said Iraq ought to be a “principal target” of the war on terrorism and that Hussein should be “put up there with Osama bin Laden in this war against terrorism.” Chabot made this speech days before we responded militarily to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. (Source: Chabot speech on House floor 10/04/01)

Chabot Spread Bush’s Claim that Iraq was a Nuclear Threat to the U.S.
President Bush first told the world that Iraq was a nuclear threat to the U.S. with a worldwide press conference delivered from Ohio’s First Congressional District. Not only did Chabot host Bush to make the claim to the world, but Chabot repeatedly pushed into the public that Iraq was a nuclear threat to the U.S. Chabot said that Hussein was “on the verge of having nuclear weapons” and that he believed “unless we do something to stop him now, Saddam Hussein will do something to harm this country.” (Sources: Chabot speech on House floor 10/04/01; The Cincinnati Post, 10/04/02; The Cincinnati Enquirer, 10/06/02;

Chabot Refuses to Hold Bush Administration Accountable on Iraq
Not only does Chabot refuse to ask tough questions of the Administration, but Chabot has voted to keep the Administration's build-up to the Iraq war secret, and has retaliated against Bush critics of the Iraq War build-up by calling them "liars". (Sources: H. Res 505, 11/09/05; Official Letter, 7/22/04)

Corporate Welfare to Big Oil
In Chabot’s first congressional term he called tax breaks for oil companies “corporate welfare that government can’t afford” and bucked his party by voting against giving “royalty relief” to oil companies. Since Bush and Cheney have been in the White House, Chabot has voted for every one of their Energy Plans, each giving billions in tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies. Chabot even served as a conferee on the House-Senate committee that finalized the bill Bush signed into law.

(Sources: S.395, Vote #771, 11/08/95; The Cincinnati Enquirer, 12/27/95; HR 4, Vote #320, 8/02/01; HR 6, Vote #145, 8/11/03; HR 6, Vote #132, 4/21/05; HR 6, Vote #445, 7/28/05, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/30/05)


At 9:26 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bushie if there ever was one.

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Rep. John Cranley (D) OH-1

At 9:44 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabot backs Bush, touts action in Iraq

By Shelly Whitehead
Post staff reporter

Sounding a bit like a commander rallying the troops for battle, U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot told Northern Kentucky business and community leaders Friday that he is "100 percent with the president" in the plan to disarm Iraq.
About 100 people attending the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce monthly government forum luncheon in Covington heard Chabot, R-Westwood, of Cincinnati, detail the threat he feels Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein poses and why war with Iraq may be the only way to stop that threat.

"My greatest fear if we do nothing is Saddam Hussein, when he gets nuclear weapons, he'll provide (them) to terrorist organizations -- and we can literally lose cities," said the five-term congressman.

Though he is hopeful the U.S. can avoid war with North Korea, Chabot said he could not say the same for Iraq. He said short of the increasingly unlikely possibility that Hussein will seek foreign exile, military action appeared likely.

When pressed for why United Nations weapons inspectors have not presented more proof Iraq is producing weapons of mass destruction, Chabot said he believes President Bush will come forward with such information before any U.S. military attack on Iraq begins.

"Since Saddam is doing most of the stuff underground, it's not stuff we can see from satellites," Chabot said in explaining why there has been no visual proof of Iraqi arms production.

"And we have to make sure we don't jeopardize the people we have on the ground. -- Saddam is very brutal. -- My belief is that the American public will be satisfied when we give more information before (taking) any military action."

Chabot, who co-chairs the Congressional Taiwan Caucus, just returned from a trip to Taiwan and Japap. He said the nine- member congressional delegation worked to build support in Taiwan and Japan for the fight against terrorism and controlling the growing threat posed by North Korea.

He said though it now appears North Korea was "cheating all along" and may well have several nuclear weapons, he is still hopeful the conflict can be resolved diplomatically. He acknowledged the threat North Korea presents, however, with weapons currently capable of striking Alaska, Seoul, and thousands of U.S. troops in South Korea.

Though recent national polls indicate Americans are most concerned about the economy right now, the issue fell further down on Chabot's agenda.

Sounding less enthused about the president's economic plan than his Iraqi war plan, Chabot nonetheless called Bush's economic stimulus package "a good one," designed to work by cutting taxes. But Chabot said he would like to see some additions, like further cuts in both the capital gains and government spending.

He stressed that even though Republicans are the majority on Capitol Hill, that doesn't guarantee legislation furthering the GOP's agenda can get the necessary votes. "A lot of people think Republicans can do anything they want because they have control. -- But it's really not like that."

Publication Date: 01-27-2003


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