Friday, September 22, 2006

OH-01 Commercials and Strategy

There's a good Enquirer article on OH-01 campaign commercials. Immigration and energy policy seems to dominate the agenda of the commercials. I'm also glad AFSCME is running a commercial focused on why Cranley is the better choice than old Chabot.

From Cranley's standpoint, I think it's smart to spend less time attaching Chabot with Big Oil. Instead, commercials could be focused on 1) How Chabot is ineffective, radical, and corrupt, and 2) Why Cranley has the political, moral, and professional background to be a better Representative. The last two commercials from the campaign are going in the right direction.

Don't get me wrong, the Cranley and labor union commercials out there are helping Cranley in this race, but I don't think OH-01 voters are getting the whole message about Chabot yet. Since Chabot has been in office for 12 years, this leads me to believe that people will continue to vote for him until they become excited about someone else and/or until they are convinced that he is ineffective and corrupt. One of these things probably has to happen to oust this incumbent.

The OH-01 election is one of the most important in Ohio and in the country. John Kerry proved that the City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, and OH-01 are no longer conservative strongholds. Paul Hackett proved that eastern Cincinnati and Southern Ohio are not a permanent conservative base. If John Cranley can win (and hopefully Vic Wulsin as well) I am confident that Democrats will reign in Southwestern and Southern Ohio again.

Let us not forget the Tom Luken-Charlie Luken-David Mann 12-year dynasty in OH-01. John Cranley is the best chance in years for Cincinnati to have a long-term Congressman that actually represents the needs of Cincinnati residents.

With that said, all Cranley supporters and anti-Chabot folk need to come together in these last couple of months. All the pieces are in place for victory, so all the campaign needs is money.

Contribute here, and please do it now!


At 4:27 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

please talk about chabots latest crybaby ad. chabot is a baby crying.


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