Tuesday, September 26, 2006


From the Enquirer:

Clinton here for Cranley

"Former President Bill Clinton will be in Cincinnati Oct. 24 to be the featured guest at a fundraising event for John Cranley, Democratic candidate for Ohio's First Congressional District.

Details of the fundraiser were not immediately released.

Cranley is challenging Republican Steve Chabot of Westwood."

This is GREAT NEWS! As of today, I am convinced this race will no longer be within 2 percentage points. Cranley has impressed me month after month, while Chabot's campaign has done just the opposite.

Side note: I personally don't remember Clinton coming to Ohio this election cycle to campaign for any House Democrats. Regardless, his visit to the First District is big news -- especially for Chabot, who knows that Clinton would be VERY HAPPY to see the former Clinton Impeachment Congressional "leader" lose his job.

I cannot wait to hear Steve Chabot's concession speech. Any thoughts on what his speach will include?...


At 2:03 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When was the last time President Clinton came to Cincinnati!!!! This is just great. Way-to-go Cranley!

Let's get ready to welcome our new Congressman, John Cranley!

How does this sound?

Rep. John Cranley (D) OH-01

At 8:15 AM EDT, Blogger RGBlogging said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 8:16 AM EDT, Blogger RGBlogging said...

Ha! Nice photo of Clinton! Great minds think alike :)

At 9:32 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rep. John Cranley (D) OH-1


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