Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bill Clinton Warns of Chabot’s “Scare Tactics”

Former President Raises Money For Cranley Race

CINCINNATI- Former president Bill Clinton helped raise money today to fuel Democrat John Cranley's stretch drive against six-term Republican congressman Steve Chabot.
Clinton told some 600 Democratic politicians and donors at a downtown Cincinnati hotel that people across America, quoting, "know there's something not right."
He says Cranley and other Democrats will win if voters don't believe what he calls, quoting again, "the fear tactics."

The Cranley campaign said the event would raise about 300-thousand dollars. Cranley was delighted with the boost from Clinton, who carried Ohio twice. But Chabot campaign spokeswoman Jessica Towhey says voters in the First District understand that the race is between Chabot and, quoting, "his liberal opponent."

.......Good one Chabby! Can’t call Cranley, a moderate, any other bad word than “liberal”? That’s ridiculous! Cranley is a moderate and you are the most conservative member of the U.S. House, freak.


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