Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chabot the Hypocrite at Laura Bush's Visit

First he invites President Bush's wife in for a visit to raise money so he can keep his job.

After she leaves, he goes outside the Union Terminal and tries to separate himself from Bush.

Chabot is a corrupt, weak, lying, fool. This is the only time we can get rid of him. Here's an article on my post:

Bush here for Chabot fundraiser

QUEENSGATE - First lady Laura Bush heaped praise on Rep. Steve Chabot - while barely mentioning her own husband - at an afternoon fundraiser at the Cincinnati Museum Center that put another $170,000 in Chabot's re-election campaign fund.

Moments after she left, Chabot was on the sidewalk in front of the Museum Center, telling reporters that, as grateful as he was for the help, he couldn't promise to support the Bush administration on every issue, every time.

"When I agree with the president, I vote with him,'' said Chabot, who is in a tough re-election battle with Democrat John Cranley, whose campaign is running a TV ad with a fake President Bush thanking Chabot for his support.

"When I disagree - like I did with the Medicare prescription drug plan - then I vote against him,'' Chabot said.

The Hill Monitor, an independent Congress watch group, recently said Chabot voted with the Bush administration position 92 percent of the time - which ranks him at the bottom among area Republican members of Congress.

At the $1,000-a-plate fundraiser, Mrs. Bush - who is far more popular than the president in local and national opinion polls - gave a 10-minute speech in which she thanked Chabot for supporting Bush's 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, which she said have helped create 5.7 million new jobs.

"And Congressman Chabot is helping Ohio's families by making sure tax dollars are being spent wisely,'' she said.

Speaking in the same building where, four years ago, her husband made a major speech laying out his case for going to war in Iraq, Bush led a standing ovation for four families in the audience. They were the families of three area Marines from Lima Company killed in Aug. 2005 - Lance Cpl. Michael Cifuentes of Oxford, Lance Cpl. Christopher Dyer of Evendale, and Sgt. David Kreuter of Miami Township - along with the widow and father of Benjamin Moore of Hamilton, an Army sergeant killed in training.

"There are a lot of unfortunate ads out there; a lot of special-interest money my opponent has paid for that distort my record,'' Chabot said in his remarks to the crowd.

"For a professional politician, he sure is a crybaby,'' Cranley said. "He's practically said that I am responsible for 400 murders in Cincinnati and you don't hear me whining about it.''



At 12:30 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly. He bites the hands that feed him from Washington. And he bites the hands that feed him at home.


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