Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Chabot Whining About Hilarious Cranley Ad

From the Enquirer:

Cranley calls on 'president' for campaign


AD: "The Call," a 30-second television spot for John Cranley for Congress, airing since Friday.

SCRIPT: John Cranley: "I'm John Cranley, and I approved this message." Sound of speed-dialing. Voice mail message: "Hello, this is Congressman Steve Chabot. If you would like to leave a message, we'll get back to you as soon as possible." President Bush impersonator: "Chabby, Dubya here. Wanted to thank you for voting for my agenda 92 percent of the time. Appreciate you supporting my plan to privatize Social Security. Loved your vote for those oil company tax breaks. And, uh, thanks for not asking any pesky questions about Iraq. Steve, I know I can always count on you. Gotta go. Bye, now." (Click.)

VISUALS: A "transcript" of the imaginary voice mail message appears with photos of Bush and Chabot. The spot opens with "When George Bush needs a vote, he knows who to call," and ends with, "It's time for a change."

STRATEGY: This ad follows a national Democratic strategy of painting GOP congressmen as "rubber stamps" for the president, and it's a direct attack on one of Chabot's biggest perceived strengths - his reputation as an independent-minded Republican who can't be arm-twisted even by his own party.

FACT CHECK: The ad discloses, in small print for three seconds, that the voice is of a "celebrity impersonator" - but the ad uses the real voice of Chabot and puts the transcript in quote marks as if it were an actual conversation. Sophisticated voters are unlikely to be fooled, but the Chabot campaign calls this tactic a clear intent to "confuse and mislead voters."

The 92 percent pro-Bush voting record, which comes from the non-partisan Hill Monitor, actually puts Chabot at the bottom of the area's House delegation. Still, he ranks in the top half of Republicans nationally.

Chabot did support Bush's energy plan and was on the conference committee that approved an energy bill that provided tax incentives for oil companies boosting production - and for those that build nuclear, coal, solar or wind-powered electrical plants.

Chabot's position on Social Security has been somewhat murkier. He told Butler County business groups in 2002 that he favored individual savings accounts for part of Social Security, saying, "I have more faith in people to invest their money than the government." But he has also signed a pledge not to support any plan that would increase Social Security taxes or "means test" benefits.

While generally supporting the Bush administration on the Iraq war, Chabot has been critical of the pre-war planning and failure to anticipate the strength of the Iraqi insurgency.

RESPONSE: "It's deeply disappointing that Mr. Cranley would stoop to the level of creating false conversations and quotations to deceive voters," Chabot said in a statement through campaign spokeswoman Jessica R. Towhey. "He created a fictitious conversation designed to confuse and mislead voters, even concocting false quotations and attributing them to major news sources."

Over 6,500 people on youtube have viewed this ad so far!


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