Friday, October 13, 2006

Cranley at the Enquirer Editorial Board

From the Enquirer blog:

Cranley at Enquirer

John Cranley was at the Enquirer editorial board Thursday morning, making his case that he is the mainstream candidate in his 1st Congressional District contest with Republican incumbent Steve Chabot.

“Steve’s a personable guy, an affable guy, but he is at the extreme right wing of the spectrum,’’ the Democratic Cincinnati city councilman told the editorial board. “He doesn’t represent the diversity of the district.’’

Cranley pointed out that, two years ago, President Bush won the 1st District presidential vote with only 51 percent.

The editorial board is interviewing congressional candidates individually before making endorsements in the race. Chabot, the six-term congressman, is scheduled to appear before the board Tuesday morning.


At 8:24 AM EDT, Blogger Belili said...

I doubt he'll win the nomination... The Enquirer isn't exactly middle of the road themselves...


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