Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cranley PR on Congressional Page Scandal, or NAMBLA

Cranley: Special Prosecutor Needed to Investigate Republican Leaders on Foleygate

Washington has changed Steve Chabot: Chabot should do the right thing for once and hold his leaders accountable

(Cincinnati -- OH-1) Today, Congressional candidate John Cranley held a press conference calling on congress and his opponent, Steve Chabot, to launch an independent investigation with a special prosecutor to discover what Republican House Leadership knew regarding the Foleygate scandal. According to their own words in news reports, Republicans leaders, like Hastert and Boehner, knew about Foley’s activities up to a year ago. Why didn’t they act then?

Steve Chabot was elected to congress in 1994 on a platform to reform ethics in congress. Chabot maintains he hasn’t been changed by Washington. (“I don’t change,” The Cincinnati Enquirer, 9/05/06) Yet, when Tom DeLay was in trouble, Chabot voted to change the rules to protect him. (LINK)

Cranley is calling upon Chabot to demand a special prosecutor to investigate Republican House leadership. Chabot should not be hampered by the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Republican leadership has given to him this election cycle.

House Leaders Boehner & Hastert Fumble Around Scandal with Retractions

Numerous news reports indicate that House leaders Boehner & Hastert knew about Foley's actions for over a year. News reports also have Boehner & Hastert both changing and retracting their initial statements in response to Foley’s resignation Friday:

“As the scandal broke, Hastert contended he learned of concerns about Foley only last week. But after Rep. Thomas Reynolds (R-NY) said Saturday that he notified Hastert months ago of Foley’s emails to a 16-year-old boy, the speaker did not dispute his colleague, and Hastert’s office acknowledged that some aides knew last year that Foley had been ordered to cease contact with the youth.”

-- “FBI to Examine Foley’s E-Mails,” The Washington Post, 10/02/06

“Boehner indicated early Friday to the Washington Post that he knew in late spring and told Hastert, but later retracted that statement, saying he could not be sure he had spoken with Hastert. Boehner could not be reached Sunday for comment.”

-- “Boehner under fire in e-mail scandal,” Dayton Daily News, 10/02/06

What did they really know, and why didn’t they act?

Chabot--Top 5 Recipient of Republican Leadership Money--$228,308

When Chabot was elected to congress in 1994, he ran on the Republican Contract With America, promising to clean-up congress “to restore accountability to Congress” and “to end its cycle of scandal and disgrace.” (The Republican Contract With America)

Chabot should return to that pledge and join Mr. Cranley in calling for a special prosecutor to investigate what House Republican leaders knew and did regarding Foley. The fact that Mr. Chabot’s campaign coffers are lined with Republican leadership money through the efforts of Hastert and Boehner, should not hamper Chabot in seeking the truth.

-- According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Steve Chabot is a top 5 recipient of House Leadership money with $228,308 taken as of 6/30/06. LINK

-- Hastert – Speaker Hastert was Chabot’s fundraising guest for an Indian Hill fundraiser that was sponsored by the Tom DeLay created PAC ROMP. News reports say that Chabot raised around $100,000 from the event. Hastert’s Keep Our Majority PAC gave Chabot $10,000 on 11/21/05 and Hastert for Congress gave Chabot $4,000 on 3/17/06. (“Alexander, Chabot and others to get help from ROMP event,” The Hill, 3/02/06; “Chabot aims earmarks at places linked to donors,” The Hill, 9/16/06; FEC reports)

-- Boehner – Chabot backed Boehner to be the new majority leader and took $10,000 from Boehner’s Freedom Project PAC. (FEC Reports)


At 8:17 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cranley is such a dirt bag. What kind of loser takes a elected job only to announce they are (attempting) moving on less than 2 days later.

Whats Cranley going to do if hell freezes over and he wins this election, announce he is running for President in '08?

Has this chubby twerp ever held a real job and not be a career politician?

Hey Johnny boy, how about laying off the Graeters for awhile and losing that chubby neck.

At 6:48 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous sounds like sour grapes... L-O-S-E-R.

At 7:03 PM EDT, Anonymous Little Johnny Drinksalot said...

I don't think Cranley's fat is the result of Graeter's. Far more likely, Cranley's weight problem is caused by drinking. Anybody ever seen him sober at a church festival? Anyone?

At 8:16 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe if cranley got a REAL job then he would slim down instead of sitting on his fat arse all day long.

At 5:27 PM EDT, Anonymous CincyIndy said...

one question, what does NAMBLA have to do with this situation so that they are included in the topic of this blog entry?

its now known that the other party in this scandal was 18 years old, that makes him an adult, a consenting adult.

so why is NAMBLA brought into the discussion?


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