Thursday, October 05, 2006


John Glenn doesn't just campaign for anybody, but he is going to for our own JOHN CRANLEY!

From the Enquirer Blog:

Former astronaut to campaign for Cranley

Well, he’s also a former U.S. senator: John Glenn.

He’ll be in Cincinnati for a John Cranley for Congress fundraiser on Oct. 26. That’s just two days after former President Bill Clinton headlines an event for Cranley, a Democrat trying to unseat Republican Rep. Steve Chabot.

Looks like the party really is bringing in the big guns for Cranley’s campaign.

Not to be outdone, however, Chabot has already hosted fundraisers with Vice President Dick Cheney and White House strategist Karl Rove. He also is hosting first lady Laura Bush at a luncheon fundraiser next Wednesday.

What this all means? Lots of money will be on hand for TV ads from both campaigns as we get closer to the Nov. 7 election.


At 8:14 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

get out the moldy oldie has-been John Glenn. cranley is in deep do-do and is going down!


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