Sunday, October 29, 2006

More Details of the New OH-01 Poll

New DCCC sponsored Grove Insight Poll:

OH-01: John Cranley (D) vs. Steve Chabot (R-Incumbent)

Head to Head: Cranley 49%, Chabot 40%.

Of those surveyed, only 39% approve of Steve Chabot’s job performance and only 32% approve of Bush’s job performance.

[Grove Insight, 400 voters; October 26; margin of error 4.9%]

Cranley is ahead of Chabot by 9 points in head to head, and 4 points above the margin of error. That's pretty comfortable, considering the election is only a few days away. Unless John Cranley does something crazy on Halloween, it's safe to say we have a new Congressman!

Also, the undecided percentage seems to be around 11%. Considering Cincinnati residents only give Bush a 32% approval rating, I predict at least 55% of the undecideds go Cranley's way, but probably more like 63%. National polls show independents also leaning left quite a bit this election cycle.

John Cranley, start measuring the drapes.


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