Saturday, October 07, 2006

New DCCC ad Against Chabot - Hilarious

From the Enquirer:

Anti-Chabot ad implies he's sucker for lobbyists' shrimp

'People ... know that Steve Chabot is a fish-stick kind of guy and proud of it'
AD: "Fish Sticks," a 30-second ad produced by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

SCRIPT: Female announcer: "We sent Steve Chabot to Congress to do a job for us. But nearly $3 million from Washington special interests has changed Congressman Chabot. While we stretch our paychecks to pay for gas and groceries, housing and health care, Chabot has lost touch with Ohio's working families."

Actor, presumably portraying a Washington lobbyist: "You have to try the shrimp."

Actress, portraying working mom: (To son) "You have to eat your fish sticks."

Announcer: "Election Day, tell Steve Chabot the party's over. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising."

VISUALS: A blurry portrayal of a Washington cocktail party, juxtaposed with a family sitting down to dinner.

STRATEGY: Steve Chabot's image has always been of a regular West Side guy who hasn't changed his hair style - much less his politics - in 25 years. Democrats, trying to win back a swing seat that they held for 20 years before Chabot took it in the "Republican Revolution" of 1994, are trying to convince voters that Chabot isn't the same guy they sent to Congress 12 years ago.

FACT CHECK: In the language of attack ads, "special interest money" means campaign contributions from political action committees. According to Political Moneyline, a non-partisan group that tracks campaign money, Chabot has taken $2.8 million from PACs since he first ran for Congress in 1988. That's 40 percent of his campaign contributions. Opponent John Cranley has taken $428,813 in PAC money - or 28 percent of his total - in his two bids to unseat Chabot.

But that's campaign money. The ad also suggests that Chabot is being wined and dined by those special interests.

Chabot's lobbying disclosures show that he's taken $31,662 worth of travel - including $2,522 in meals - from interest groups since 2001. Most of that money came from foreign governments and foundations, for travel related to his work on the Foreign Relations Committee.

But Chabot has also been known to frequent West Side fish fries during Lent, and still lives in the same $174,300 Westwood home he bought in 1985.

RESPONSE: "Sounds like the political gurus at the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee have been sipping too much champagne at their Georgetown cocktail parties," said a written statement issued by Chabot campaign press secretary Jessica R. Towhey. "Here's the thing: People in this community know that Steve Chabot is a fish-stick kind of guy and proud of it."


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