Thursday, October 26, 2006

Steve Chabot Commits Felony (Fuck You Steve Chabot)

Chabot has produced a new “daisy ad” against John Cranley. This ad is up there with the racist one against Harold Ford, Jr. in Tennesse.

It’s so bad that the Chabot campaign will not release it until it’s already on the air – they don’t want to give the media and people like you and me more time before the election day to bash him for it.

In the ad, there is a white, pig-tailed, little girl wearing lipstick and eating an apple in what looks to be a 3rd grade class.

Try to imagine what horrible thing Steve Chabot is going to do to this girl in the ad to try to score some points for his re-election campaign…

He is going to taser her with two blue lightning bolts.

Steve Chabot consented to running an ad that shows a little, beautiful, perfect school girl, about to be brutally attacked by a taser gun.


And guess who is shooting the girl?

John Cranley is, with his vote in City Council – WHICH WAS IN LINE WITH THE CINCINNATI POLICE DEPARTMENT – to maintain current laws surrounding police policies on taser guns.

So the FOP endorsed Cranley in the past, the CPD supported NOT changing a taser policy, and Cranley HELD FIRM his support FOR the CPD, and somehow Cranley is the big loser here?.... I don’t think so.

This ad is nothing. It has no content. All it has is some girl being shot by a taser gun because Chabot wants to scare people into voting for him.

F*** you Steve Chabot. I cannot think of any better thing to say to you. This is low, this is felonious... this is Blackwellion.

Please call Steve Chabot today to urge him not to air this horrible, shameful ad.

(513) 684-2723 (Cincinnati Office)
(202) 225-2216 (DC office)
(513) 481-9998 (campaign) (stupid campaign email)
(513) 381-5454 (Hamilton Co. GOP)
(202) 479-7000 (National GOP Campaign HQ)
(666) 666-6666 (Purgatory)


At 9:11 AM EDT, Blogger Ohio's First District said...

Apparently, Chabot has already gone public with the ad or it has leaked to the web.

At any rate, view it for yourself.

At 10:03 AM EDT, Blogger RGBlogging said...

You can view it here:

At 1:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Little Johnny Takesabribe said...

Apparently, you idiots have no idea how independent expenditures work. That ad was paid for by the NRCC in an independent expenditure. As a result, no one involved with Steve Chabot's campaign can have any communication related to or input on the ad.

I can understand how Cranley-ites would fail to grasp this concept, since it is quite apparent that Cranley has been working in tandem with both the DCCC and AFSCME on all their ads. That, my mentally incompetent friends is actually a violation of the law.

Besides, what really upsets Cranley about that ad is that it mentions his corrupt practice of accepting quid pro quo contributions. That is a felony if it occurs at the federal level. Just ask Bob Ney -- the person in Congress that Cranley most resembles both in stature and in ethics.

At 1:25 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

**laughs** Squirm liberal, squirm!!

At 12:10 AM EDT, Anonymous JollyRoger said...

Chabot now joins the shitbags DeWino and Blackwell in the lowest part of the septic tank.

The Goppers in Ohio have completely imploded. There appears to be no honor at all among them anymore. The fish rotted from the head of Taft to the ass of Blackwell.

You will be added to the Reconstitution blogroll shortly.

As for "little johnny"-apparently he's too much of an idiot to grasp the concept of "plausible deniability," so I won't even bother trying to explain to him how it all works. And "anonymous," of course, is ashamed of his worship of the Chimperials, and I can't say I blame him.


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