Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Who, oh who, will the Enquirer endorse?

Since the Cincinnati Enquirer already has endorsed a crazy man over Ted Strickland, I wouldn’t be surprised if they soon endorse another crazy man: Steve Chabot.

The Enquirer will endorse the most radically conservative member of the House of Representatives because:

1) It will be too hard for the conservative hardliners on the editorial board to go with anyone else. (Unless the Republican candidate is actually mentally ill, like Jean Schmidt, whom they did not endorse).

2) By not endorsing John Cranley, no feathers will be ruffled. People will interpret it as “same ol’, same ol’”.

3) By endorsing Chabothead, the Enquirer will provide its best effort to maintain the post-Nixon era Cincinnati Republican dominance.

Although the three reasons above are enough for me to end this discussion, I believe the Enquirer may actually go the other way and endorse Cranley.

Ask anyone in Cincinnati what Steve Chabot has done for them, and they will say either “I don’t know” or “I can’t recall anything specific”. Ask anyone what public policy sets Chabot apart from Cranley. A couple will say “abortion”, only to be told that Cranley is also a pro-lifer. Another will say “tough on defense,” only to find out that Chabot’s votes in Congress have actually made Cincinnati and the country more prone to a terrorist attack.

Ask the members of the Enquirer editorial board, David Wells, Byron McCauley, Ray Cooklis, Krista Ramsey, Tony Lang, and Shakila Ahmad, what Chabot has brought Cincinnati. They will actually give you a precise answer: Chabot has brought nothing specifically to Cincinnati, instead, he has sought to further President Bush and the GOP’s agenda in Congress, which, by most standards, has failed during the six years.

They will continue to explain that Chabot is a “good guy” with a “nice family” and isn’t afraid to break with President Bush (7% of the time). What they won’t mention is that other 7% is when Chabot votes MORE conservative than Bush!

In the end, the editorial board will realize that this isn’t the same ol’, same ol’ OH-01 election. They will realize that this is a chance to turn Cincinnati around. A new, excellent mayor is in at City Hall, the Bengals are frickin’ sweet this year, the banks is nearing completion, no one riots anymore, and Cincinnati as a city is really starting to turn around….


The reason the Enquirer will endorse John Cranley is because now is the opportune time to back someone who has already proved to be effective and moderate. It is the right time because John Cranley’s ideas and views are mainstream with Cincinnati. And it is the right time, believe it or not, to turn the Cincinnati Enquirer (“Republican rag,” as some are now calling it) into a MAINSTREAM, MODERATE professional newspaper.

There are million reasons to go for Cranley, those are just a few, but after you all at the editorial board endorse Councilman Cranley, thousands of others will have a reason. Now is the time to represent your readers and advance our great city. God Save the Queen.


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