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Chabot Whining - Enquirer Blog - Funny

Chabot upset over latest Cranley radio ad - UPDATED


Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory stumps for Democrat John Cranley in Cranley's latest radio ad, attacking Republican Rep. Steve Chabot for not joining him in signing a pledge to uphold the Voting Rights Act.

There's only one problem: Chabot held 12 hearings this year over the re-authorization of VRA, sheperded the bill through the House, and joined nationl civil rights leaders at the White House when the bill was signed into law earlier this year, so it can hardly be said that he doesn't support it.

His campaign is furious. Here's what they had to say in a news release e-mailed to reporters this morning: "John Cranley has broken his word and is again making false, misleading attacks about Congressman Chabot's work to renew the landmark Voting Rights Act. ... This is the second time that Cranley has lied about Congressman Chabot's support for the Voting Rights Act."

to read a Cincinnati Post story about the first mistake where Cranley's spokesman Elliott Ruther acknowledged that the campaign goofed: "We'll make sure it doesn't happen again,'' he said at the time.

Chabot spokeswoman Jessica Towhey: "John Cranley should take a pledge to stop lying about the Voting Rights Act."


Mallory: "… this is a choice between the failed policies of George Bush and Steve Chabot. For a new direction for Ohio and America, I'm supporting my friend John Cranley because I know he can provide the kind of change we so desperately need. John took a pledge to protect the Voting Rights Act and to stand up for our civil rights. John invited Steve Chabot to join him in signing that pledge and you know what? We're still waiting. In fact, Mr. Chabot has run campaign ads attacking our city and attempting to (unintelligible) and that is just wrong. John is a unifying voice and he will work to create new jobs. He'll vote to raise the minimum wage. And he'll work the end the war in Iraq. This election is too important not to vote. Please join me, Mayor Mark Mallory, in helping elect John Cranley to Congress."

Cranley: "I'm John Cranley and I'm running for Congress. I approve this message because a time for change is now."

UPDATE: Cranley's campaign spokesman Elliott Ruther responds via e-mail:

"This is ridiculous. Steve Chabot has spent millions of dollars on tv, radio, billboards, mailers, direct mail and flyers attacking John Cranley with lies on social security, illegal immigration, Section 8, taxes, spending, pension, crime, population loss and more.

"However, it is true that Steve Chabot has refused to sign the John Cranley Voting Rights Pledge. Like the ad says, the Cranley pledge is to protect the Voting Rights Act and to stand up for civil rights by making it easier for all Americans to vote AND to fight against voter suppression schemes like the one Steve Chabot voted for repeatedly in 2005 that blocks nonprofits from using their own funding for nonpartisan voter registration if they wish to receive federal funding.

"Despite outreach, Chabot has refused to reverse his position on gagging non-profits who get federal help from non-partisan voting activities and sign the Voting Rights pledge. "

UPDATE UPDATE: Cranley responds via phone call to The Enquirer:

"He's trying to make it seem like we are saying something that we're not. Our pledge is much broader than he is making it out to be," Cranley said, adding that Chabot's vote against allowing non-profits to engage in get-out-the-vote activities, in his opinion, supresses the vote.

"Chabot is part of this overall nationwide effort, in my opinion, that is taking a step backward in terms of encouraging people to vote. You can't be for voting rights and vote supression at the same time," he said.

"I still encourage him to sign the pledge," he added.



at 3:53 PM, November 02, 2006 Little Johnnyliesalot said...

Hmmmmm ... Cranley is lying again. There's a shocker. Imagine John Cranley lying. Hard to believe.

I wonder just how desperate he must be.

at 3:58 PM, November 02, 2006 Little Johnnydrinksalot said...

Cranley's pledge is an entirely different pledge altogether.

All together: "Cranley's pledge is an entirely different pledge."

You see, Cranley-ites, the with your misguided strategy is that the people know the difference between action and words. Holding hearings and shepherding legislation through a committee are actions. Pledges are just words. And giving Cranley's aversion to the truth, pretty cheap words at that.

Fortunately for the future of this country, the voters of the First District see through Cranley's lies.

Have another drink, Johnny. You're going to need it.

at 4:07 PM, November 02, 2006 Jon Carry said...

Cranley must be taking notes from the Kerry camp. Say something wrong but blame someone else and don't take ownership. Typical Demoncrat- no personal responsibility.

at 4:11 PM, November 02, 2006 Anonymous said...

Steve Chabot wasn't even responding to the ad.

There is a difference between the text of a pledge, and the text of a bill.

Hey Enquirer: Please define "sheperd" and please explain what actions Chabot took that constitute sheperding.

There have been ample amount of scientific studies that show the more often undecideds and people that usually don't vote actually vote, more than a majority of those votes go to Democrats.

THAT is why people like Chabot have been very careful while blocking legislation (like the new voting rights act) while at the same time publicly supporting it.

It's like the resolution vote for authorization for the war in Iraq. No Democrat wanted that resolution to come up for a vote, but once it was up, most Democrats were too afraid NOT to vote for it.

Steve Chabot is cleverly trying to dupe us. In fact, he's been doing it for 12 years. Duping time is over.

Vote for John Cranley.

at 7:57 PM, November 02, 2006 Anonymous said...

"However, it is true that Steve Chabot has refused to sign the John Cranley Voting Rights Pledge."
That's a good one, Johnny!

at 8:47 PM, November 02, 2006 Anonymous said...

John Cranley wrote the pledge on a bar napkin soaked in beer. Needs to lay off the sauce.

at 12:00 AM, November 03, 2006 Anonymous said...



Cincinnati, Ohio (OH-1) -- At taxpayer expense Steve Chabot held a short “townhall” meeting at the Urban League on the Voting Rights Act that limited citizen participation to a mere forty minutes, leaving about a dozen citizens with unanswered questions.

Citizens were very concerned about Chabot overseeing the strengthening of the Voting Rights Act when just last October of 2005 Chabot defied the National Urban League, NAACP, The National Voting Rights Institute, U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops and hundreds of organizations by voting to take away voting rights and gag nonprofits when he voted for House Amendment 596 to H.R. 1461.

Chabot defended his votes to prohibit nonprofit grantees from using their own funds to encourage citizens to exercise their rights to vote, by saying that “all money is fungible” even though federal law already restricts housing grants to only be spent on housing purposes.

Chabot’s Anti-Voter Rights & Nonprofit Gag Provision

Chabot voted to disqualify nonprofits from an affordable housing fund if they, or an affiliated organization, have engaged in any one of the following in the preceding 12 months or while applying for the funds:

-- All nonpartisan voter activities
-- Voter registration
-- Voter identification
-- Get-out-the vote
-- Public education & grassroots issue advocacy

“Under this bill, if you are a religious organization, and you maintain an elderly housing project, which are built with these funds, you cannot get a bus to take people to vote.” -- Rep. Barney Frank (D) who tried to take-out the anti-voter rights provisions, but was defeated by Chabot

-- Chabot is a member of the group, the Republican Study Committee, who crafted the anti-voter rights and nonprofit gag provision

-- Chabot voted for amendment that put the anti-voter rights and nonprofit gag provision into bill [H.AMDT.596, Y-210, N-205, 10/26/05]

-- Chabot voted against motion to strip anti-voter rights and nonprofit gag portions from the bill [Motion to recommit with instructions, Y-200, N-220, 10/26/05]

-- Chabot voted for final bill with anti-voter provisions [H.R. 1461 – Federal Housing Reform Act of 2005, Y-330, N-90, 10/26/05]

Bill Status
Chabot’s plan passed in the House & is now being considered in the Senate.

Links to more on the anti-voter measure:
OMB Watch - Group has comprehensive listings of testimony before congress, letters signed by hundreds of organizations opposing the measure and education on the effects of the gag.

at 12:02 AM, November 03, 2006 Anonymous said...

July 7, 2006


(Cincinnati--OH-1) Today, Congressional Candidate John Cranley signed a pledge to the people of the First Congressional District of Ohio that he would fight for voting rights. Mr. Cranley will fight against new anti-voter schemes in Congress designed to suppress the vote AND will work to strengthen the Voting Rights Act.

Mr. Cranley was joined by Civil Rights Legend Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, Congressman Artur Davis, who represents Birmingham and Selma (AL-7), and Former Vice Mayor Alicia Reece to support Mr. Cranley's candidacy and voting rights pledge.

Mr. Cranley's opponent, Steve Chabot, has cast votes designed to suppress voter efforts. Specifically, Steve Chabot has cast votes to stop non-profits from using their own funds for non-partisan voter registration activities if they wish to receive federal funding.

In October of 2005, The Republican Study Committee, of which Chabot is a member, crafted an anti-voter rights and non-profit gag provision that disqualifies non-profits from federal funding if they, or an affiliated organization, have engaged in non-partisan voter activities, voter registration, voter education, voter identification and/or public education and grassroots activity in the preceding 12 months or while applying for funds – with their own money.

Despite calls from hundreds of organizations, including the NAACP, the National Urban League, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to oppose this voter suppression provision, Chabot repeatedly voted for it. The bill is now in the Senate. [H AMDT 596, 10/26/05; Motion to recommit with instructions to strip out the anti-voter rights and non-profit gag provision, 10/26/05; HR 1461, 10/26/05 more at:]

Once elected to Congress, Mr. Cranley will make sure to fight against new voter suppression schemes, like the non-profit gag, and will work to strengthen voting rights.

Mr. Cranley's pledge:


Whereas, the right to vote is a hallmark of American freedom; and

Whereas, the right to vote has not always been readily available to all Americans; and

Whereas, recent elections and actions by Congress have revealed that there are still forces within our country who will go to considerable lengths to make it more difficult for some Americans to exercise the right to vote; and

Whereas, every branch of government, and especially the United States Congress, should take whatever steps necessary to ensure that no American will ever be unfairly denied the right to cast a vote, and whereas Congress should take steps to prevent anyone from being discouraged from voting;

Therefore, I hereby proclaim that as an elected official, I will continue to work to uphold the precious right to vote and remove any and all barriers intended to discourage Americans from exercising that right; and

Further proclaim that, upon election to the United States House of Representatives, I will always vote to uphold the Voting Rights Act and support efforts to make it easier for Americans to take full advantage of the right to vote.

Proclaimed today, on the Seventh Day of July, 2006 by:

John Cranley, Candidate for the United States House of Representatives from Ohio’s First District.


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